One Swing of the Bat

With one swing of the bat,Ken Griffey Jr. gave credence to all the hype of the offseason and now its on.Not sure what is grander having Jr. deliver a walk off grand slam or hearing Dave Niehaus go into his rendition of “Get out the rye bread Grandma its Grand Salami time”.Either way you look at it for us die-hard fans the spring has finally come.Yes its been nice to look at all the young talent,adjust to the Lopez/Figgins swap,and follow the Sweeney story,But now were gearing up for the real deal.This is our year, or at least the best shot we have had since the Lou Pinella days and I’m jazzed.

 Bottom line is we have improved offensively and the West is weaker than its been for awhile.No more hand-wringing about the lack of power,Jack Z. has given us a unique and talented squad to cheer for.Sure there are a few questions left as far as the rotation,bench spots and filling out the bullpen,but something is in the air on this Spring day.

 I look for Griffey to have a better year than last year and make a serious run at 660 homers to overtake Mays and become the #4 all-time HR leader.If he does the sky is the limit for this club.Oh springtime where hope springs eternal……

5 Responses

  1. Great post, looking forward to following the season with Jeff’s Mariners, and the rest of the Mariner Nation!

  2. If the Grif can hit 15 dingers, bat .250 and give these guys a clue as to what it takes to be a big league ball player, then he’s worth his roster spot. You’ve got to give Sweeney a chance after the way he finished last year and how’s he’s hitting this spring. Is Lee another Bedard……

  3. The more I hear/read about Figgins, the more impressed I become. He seems like the real deal, both on and off the field- GO M’S

  4. Sweeney’s in, Garko’s out… The roster should be set. Gotta let Figgins lead off, better obp than Ichiro, and Ichiro should take advantage of his pop and drive some runs in. Wak’s got to massage his ego before moving him down. Tui might be the real deal- has got a great head on his shoulders. Give Moore a real chance at the #1 catching position. He can hit and Johnson is absolutely painfull to watch hit, besides, “handling the pitchers” is over-rated, they are not a bunch of babies out there. Lastly, Good for my man Moyer- made the rotation for the Phillies at 54 years old, or whatever age he is now- maybe they “lost” his birth certificate like Franco- HA!!

  5. Welcome aboard couldamadetheshow, Glad to see there are some true blue baseball fans out there.Look forward to hearing more of your thoughts as the 2010 campaign kicks into gear next week.Go M’s

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