Mighty Casey knocks in 4 RBI’s in 5-3 Win!

Two new additions to the Mariners crew, Casey Kotchman and Chone Figgins proved to be the sparks in the offense in tonight’s  season opener down in chilly Oakland as the Mariners pull out a 5-3 victory to start the 2010 campaign.Ben Sheets the A’s 10 million dollar Ace looked shaky in his match-up with our Ace King Felix Hernandez who pitched well until the 6th, finally coming out in the 7th with runners onboard after giving up 6 walks in the outing.

However the Mariners came out playing small-ball with Chone Figgins drawing 2 walks ,stealing 3 bases and scoring twice in the first 3 innings.Kotchman drove in his first run in the first on a line drive to right center scoring Figgins.Catcher Rob Johnson stroked a homer to left in the second as well and it looked as if the Mariners were in control of this game till the 6th when Oakland scored its first run.In the 7th Sean White came in with 2 runners on base and gave up a couple of singles that allowed Oakland to tie the game.

Brandon League another new-hand came into the game in the 8th and battled his way to a scoreless inning thanks to some fine glovework by Jose Lopez who started off a crucial third to first double play.The Mariners loaded up the bases in the 9th thanks to the speed of Chone Figgins who barely escaped a tag at  first setting the stage for Mighty Casey Kotchman who proceeded to work the count full before coming up with a clutch single that scored 2 runs to put the Mariners on top 5-3.

David “Dutch” Aardsma came in and shut down the A’s in the ninth in front of a not quite sell-out stunned Oakland crowd.This was an exciting game to watch, and hopefully our boys can keep it up against their West Coast rivals the Oakland A’s as the Voyage into the 2010 Season is underway!

3 Responses

  1. O.K.,I stand corrected,, Casey Krotchman could be a vital pick-up for the M’s. I love Ichiro and Figgins at the top of the order. 3 double plays to boot. Maybe good defense, pitching and speed can make up for the over-rated “wait around for the 3-run homer” strategy, let’s make it 2 in a row tonight- Go M’s!!

  2. I think We can win a lot of games playing small ball as long as our starters can keep us in the game! Its exciting to see more high-batting average guys in the line-up and more speed on the base-paths…i think it is going to be an exciting year!! Go M’s!

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