Mariners cold as a Seattle spring lose 6-2

Ok Sports fans I’m trying to remain positive about the season but its getting hard….Once again we had decent starting pitching, good defense, and super-weak offense.Jason Vargas started tonight’s game down in Arlington against Colby Lewis returning from pitching in Japan.The first inning looked promising with Ichiro leading off with a double and Figgins walking, moving over on a passed ball giving us runners at second and third with no outs and we only managed to score 1 run! After that it was just a matter of time till the big Texas bats woke up in their Homer friendly park and boom we were down 6-1.We had a chance to do something in the 7th with the bases loaded but managed to squander that opportunity with our sad display of pop-ups, ground-outs, and strikeouts.

Look I’m an old Mariners fan and have sat season after season in the old Kingdome days prior to 95 watching this sort of display, but I thought this was going to be our year….So what do we do? Have no fear Jeff has some ideas to get the good ship Mariners back on course.#1 Switch Ichiro to second and let Figgins lead-off #2 Bring in Mike Sweeney and let him play 1st or at least DH for a few games #3 Let Tui play somewhere #4 Rotate Eric Byrnes into left field for Bradley.#5 well i don’t know let’s try the first four first…..

Now if any of you out in Mariners land have any ideas, please speak up!

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  1. two bench players … A and B

    A sports a line of 284/345/511 – B sports a line of 278/348/461 Both lines are against lefties, who do you choose?

  2. Hi,Thanks for the post.Im assuming the first listed is Batting average,second on base percentage and third? Ill go with player A though I think this may be a stump Jeff type questio.It helps for me to know the names of players as Im old-school and go with character,heart and drive in my evaluations.Thanks again for commenting! Jeff

  3. Hi harrison, Well I like them both.Byrnes offers more in the field but both bring heart,enthusiasm,confidence, and hustle.I remember following Sweeney a little when he was with the Royals and he was there lone All star choice a few times.And Byrnes used to terrorize us on the bases back when he was with Oakland.Love having them both here and hope they get in the lineup more.Thanks for the tip on the slash line,your never to old to learn.Jeff

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