Gutierrez leads Mariners in 4-3 comeback victory!

Franklin Gutierrez picked up the struggling Mariners, put them on his back and carried them to a dramatic come from behind victory in Texas today.Gutirrez had 3 hits including the go-ahead run in the top of 9th in a game our stopper King Felix Hernandez  pitched like the aces he is.Franklin Gutierrez also robbed the Rangers of a possible home run in the 9th with a spectacular gliding catch that stunned the Texans.

This game was going along in the same manner as the last four with runners stranded, no clutch hitting, shoddy defense and it looked like we were sailing to a 1-5 start for 2010.But we all new things had to change soon and the winds shifted just in time to avoid our crew from crashing onto the rocks again.

A couple other Mariners played key roles in this victory, one was no other than the Ancient Mariner Ken Griffey Jr. who came off the bench in the 9th and delivered a clutch single to tie the game at 3.And Dutch Aardsma came in with a one-run lead in the 9th and pitched like the closer we remember from last year.

Todays must-win game perhaps will be a turning point for this young season and will most certainly be a confidence builder.I dont know about you but I cant wait for our team to get back home to the “Safe”.I should be down reporting live via tweets next week so stay tuned, the winds are changing……

2 Responses

  1. Big win today Jeff, a much needed big win. Hopefully the bats are starting to wake up and get the first week jitters out of the way. Tomorrow is our chance to win the series, and if that happens, I think the team and fans are going to be tuff to beat on this home series.

    On a differant note, as I was watching Friday nights game, I had to do a double take after a catch Bradley made in the corner of left field. After throwing the ball back into the infield, Millie(my new nickname for him because he acts like a spoiled teenage girl) decided to give the Texas fans a one finger salute. Millie is working on short leash I hope, and I hope the Mariners put character and principles above contracts. That kind of self serving behavior, has no place on the Mariners, espically when you start opening week going 1 for 20 or whatever he is batting.
    Don’t get me wrong, I love a nasty attitude and players that don’t take any BS, but it needs to happen between the lines, not in the bleachers.

    Millie, if you read this, please do yourself a favor and just play ball! Wake up, go see a shrink, get to the ballpark, DO YOUR JOB, and go home. Wake up and do it again the next day. YOUR not a Victim, get in touch with your family of origin stuff, and realize the Mariners might just be the last house on the block for you!

  2. Kevin,Thanks for your post.I think I saw Bradley flip off the fans in Texas the other day as well.Im more concerned with his batting average.He has a nice swing and I agree this is probably his last best chance to play ball.By the same token we have had way to many super nice players here who didnt have any drive or heart.I think Milton will pull out of his slump and hope the Seattle fans will give him a break.However I know Jack Z. and Wak want to win,so if he becomes a distraction Im sure will see more of Eric Byrnes,as a matter of fact I think Byrnes may get the start tomorrow.Go M’s!

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