Big Unit comes back to town!

Well at long last the Mariners are coming home to the friendly confines of Safeco field.Randy Johnson will throw out the ceremonial first pitch as the Mariners top brass are trying to show some respect for the man they let go in the prime of his career perhaps hoping he will go into the Hall of fame as a Mariner.I was at the old Kingdome the night the word came in just before the trade deadline that Randy was going to Houston.Weve seen Chuck  Armstrong and Howard Lincoln make similar gut wrenching bumbles thru the years including losing Tino Martinez to the Yanks,Carlos Guillen to the Tigers, not giving Lou Pinella the extra bat he needed in the early part of last decade, and on and on.

Top Management always gives us the same line “Were going to try to put a good product on the field and be competitive” I don’t know what happened to “Were going to do what it takes to Win the World series” but I hope Jack Z. hasnt swallowed the poison pill. Yes I know Baseball is a business , But this old Mariner fan is ready to see that first World Series game.

Which brings us back to this year.We need another big bat now! This combination of  players they have now look like they will  possibly be “competitive” but without another bat with some pop were not going all the way.What bother me most about the Mariners top brass is they know there aren’t that many hard-core baseball fans in Seattle unlike say New York or Boston, so they can give us a nice field and a “competitive team” and we will keep shelling out the cash for tickets, parking, food etc.The early prediction on ticket sales outside opening day are low, we are in a weak economy.If the Mariners kick it up a notch with another homerun  hitter and play to win the fans will come.Otherwise all we will have is memories of Randy, Griffey, A-Rod,  Edgar etc. I wouldn’t blame Randy if he still feels betrayed by top management, I do too……

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  1. Well Jeff,
    Wea re off to another slow start, only optimistic and loyal fans will stick around for this seaason I fear. With the 2 leftys not starting for another month or so, we may be looking at 10 back by July. If we can stay 3-4 back by all-star break, I think we have a good chance to win the division, and with Lee and Bedard strong, we can still win it all. Much to my dismay, we cannot produce enough offense to compensate for our pitching shortcomings so far this season, but Bradley before Burns in LF when he should be DHing..Griffey looks to only be good for the Clubhouse and Sweeney not getting the playing time he should…Kotchman has been a good surprise at times, really we lost a few cclose games and could easily be 4-3 right now…I’m ridin this one out as I feel we can take our division with a healthy squad…good stuff here Jeff!!!

  2. Hello,Jon.Thanks for coming by.Yes we have a shot,Im sure Jack Z is already working on several things to shore up the offense and we just have to wait for Cliff Lee and Bedard to get healthy.IM heading down to Safeco in a few hrs.Go M’s!Jeff

  3. Who’s the leader on this team? Grif is a hall of famer for sure, but he never was or is going to be a leader in the true sense of the word. That’s not a knock on him. Some players just don’t have the make-up to be a leader. Bones was a leader. Thurman Munson was a leader. Somebody in this clubhouse has to take a stand, and lead this team. We have a bunch of “nine to five” players, who are satisfied to collect their paychecks, achieve decent enough statistics to keep them in the league, and call it good . That inner drive and determination to do what it takes to finally bring this city a World Series is non-existent on this team. I know it’s early, but the attitude resemblence to past years is scary.

    • Mike,I agree about the leadership crisis.I think actually most teams if not most of America lacks true leaders.They say Willie Mays was great in the clubhouse loose yet intense and not afraid to challenge his teammates to try to get them to play better.Griffey has the loose part down but the rest not really.I think Mike Sweeney in his prime could have been the man we need at the moment.Sometimes it just takes time for things to come together.Ill end on this note I want to go on the record as being someone not to blame this all on Milton Bradley especially after the Bomb he hit tonight.Go M’s

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