The Boys are back in Town

I took  half of a day off today to go down to a gathering on 1st ave. to see some old friends that I knew from the 90’s.It cost me $70 to get into the event and traffic was terrible but I missed my old-shipmates.I  got there just in time to hear the house-band Death Cab for Cutie playing an old John Fogerty song “Centerfield” and I knew I was home.Sure enough after a lot of commotion my long-lost buddy Randy came strolling in looking casual and relaxed.His old running-partner Dan Wilson was there and they played catch just like the old-days.

Then the rest of the team from 95 joined them Edgar, Bones, and the Kid.They all hugged when they saw each other.Boy do I miss those guys and the memories they gave me back when it was fun to be a Mariner Fan.I sat down in my seat and sure enough another of my idols Rick the Peanut Man came smiling up the aisle up to his usual tricks just like back in the Dome.

Many of the people around me jumped on the bandwagon in 95 or after and I didn’t pay much attention to them as they talked about Facebook and their boring lives.   For today I was content to see my old heroes once more together.I know Dave Neihaus was pleased to see them to.

Meanwhile on the field a bunch of guys wearing white Seattle uniforms lost a game 4-0.They didnt deserve to be on the same field as the old timers on this

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