Bradley hits 3 run bomb M’s win 3-0

Milton Bradley is a complex individual he’s talented, erratic, and occasionally fantastic. Tonight Milton delivered the biggest hit of the 2010 season a 3 run homer in the bottom of the 8th to lead the Mariners out of a 20 scoreless inning slump! After he hit the bomb, Milton sat down on the bench and I saw the face of a quiet almost “Choir boy” ballplayer just trying to do his job. And Milton Choir boy Bradley delivered tonight in dramatic style with a double and a homer, welcome to Seattle Milton!

Of course none of this would have been possible if  Doug Fister hadn’t pitched the best game of his career going 8 innings of 3 hit shut out ball. Jack Wilson made some great plays at short and Figgins added 3 hits on what I hope will be the night where the tide changed and our Mariners got back on course.

I know my last few posts have been negative along with every other writer here in  Mayberry with Skyscrapers  ie Seattle, but all day I could feel the barometer changing.I had a chance to say welcome to Seattle to Milton Bradley down in Peoria as he walked by, he replied “I’m glad to be here”.So what do you say folks this is the NW where we pride ourselves on being open-minded and progressive, maybe we can take him in as one of our own!

My how this sailor can spin a yarn when given a chance.Lets just hope there are many more nights like this one to celebrate!jeffsmariners

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