Mariners cage Tigers 11-3

The Mariners took out all their pent-up frustration of the early season and blasted the detroit Tigers 11-3 tonight in front of 39,999  happy and festive fans. King Felix struck out 9, and gave up only 4 hits and 3 runs as he took control of  this game from the first inning up till the 7th when he came out for reliever Sean White who closed it out.

  You know someone had to pay and the hapless Tigers happened to be the club our boys decided to break loose on.And yes we got a few breaks with throwing errors but when your on a roll it goes that way. Everyone in the lineup either scored a run or drove in a run. Franklin Gutierrez continues to swing a hot bat, Ichiro and Griffey also got a couple of hits in this blow-out.

 It was a fun atmosphere at the Safe, and for once I even enjoyed the Wave, even though I think it belongs at football games. It was nice to see Johnny Damon on the field as well as Carlos Guillen the ex Mariner in town as well as Jim Leyland all three classy guys.But the love tonight was all for our boys who along with all players and managers in Baseball wore #42 in  honor of Jackie Robinson who broke the color line in baseball.

Watching the Mariners bat-around in the 5th when they scored 6 runs was exciting and fun and well worth the price of admission that I paid. Were still looking for a slogan for the year maybe the old stand-by “Two outs who cares”  Id love to hear from you fans out there in the Mariner Nation on what you think our slogan should be. So were 5-6 now after winning 3 in a row of Jack Z. small ball, cant wait to  see what happens tomorrow against Tigers Ace Jason

2 Responses

  1. Dont expect massive offensive output every game but it was nice to let it all go in at least one game. Let’s hope this was their launch point.

  2. Caelus, Yes of course we probably wont have a lot of blow-out games this year.However it was a nice change of pace and proved you can score runs without home-runs.Thanks for commenting and welcome aboard….Jeff

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