Tigers win 4-2, M’s win series

I have to confess I missed most of today’s  game as I was out on the field playing softball myself.Fortunately the M’ s did better than we did only losing one game as my team lost two! I caught bits and pieces but missed Miguel Cabrera’s 3 run homer which turned out to be the big blow.Ian Snell returned to the mound after returning from a week of mourning and funerals for family members.He also had the flu so lets tip our hats to him for showing the guts to pitch as well as he did.

Were 6-7 now and heading into a series with the Baltimore Orioles who have been struggling as of late.It should be a good chance for us to win another series here at home at the Safe.Seems like were taking some extra chances on the bases this year that have cost us some runs.I think the Skipper has made it clear that he wants to push the envelope on the base paths, which is a good thing but perhaps we need to be a little smarter.

I’m heading out-of-town for a road series of work myself and will return Thursday.But have no fear I’ll be posting whatever I come up with and know all you loyal jeffsmariners fans  will be keeping your eye on the ball! jeffsmariners.com

2 Responses

  1. I think the aggressive approach by Wak is a good idea. They’ve got nothing to lose at this point and good team speed at the top with Ichiro, Figgins, and Guttierez.

    • Yes, Rhino I agree its time to start playing with guts and instinct.I like our chances against the NL teams as they play a similar type of ball…..Jeff

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