Vargas tosses another gem M’s win 3-1

The Mariners won another low scoring game 3-1 with good pitching, good defense, and timely hitting tonight down at the Safe.With the victory the M’s go to 8-7 and suddenly find themselves a game behind Oakland which fell to 9-6 tonight.I gotta say the 3 run homer by Milton Bradley a week ago seems to be the pivotal moment of the season so far.Who would have guessed we would go on to win 5 out of 6 and be right in the thick of things so quick.

Now with Cliff Lee coming back sooner than expected with his 5 game suspension rightfully overturned, we may soon find ourselves with the luxury problem of to many good starting pitchers! Time to stop talking about Jarod Washburn and disrespecting Griffey and Bradley while you’re at it.Griffey is hitting a respectable 263 and Bradley has 10 RBI’s most of them clutch.Glad to see young Adam Moore and the veteran  Jack Wilson hitting the ball as well. All we need now is some sunny weather in Seattle and hopefully the city will start getting behind this club and start showing up at games.

Somehow I get the feeling the best is yet to come!

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  1. I hope that the Orioles have something to do with the poor attendance. The Ms are playing as good as can be expected of them and deserve much better support. I wish I could make a game but it is tough getting to Safeco from here in Georgia. Now, if somebody can send out a Lear jet, I am there.

    • Hi Caelus, Glad to see there are some Mariners fans out in Georgia.Thanks for your comment.I hope you can find a way to get to a game maybe when the M’s are on the East Coast.If not keep your eye on the page as I’m going to try and post all year.Remember good friends “fans” are hard to find!Jeff

  2. Yes, I’d like my crow with a dash of humility on the side…..The day after I jumped off the bandwagon and blasted these boys, they reel off 6 out of 7….Maybe they can win without the big blasts, and consistently play “small-ball” nighrt in and night out. I just haven’t seen a team pull this off for a whole season. Who gets pulled out of the rotation when Lee comes back? Good problem to have.

    • Hi Couldamadetheshow, Well lots of people in Seattle like yourself needed to let off some steam when it looked like our Mariners were shipwrecked early in the voyage.But now that they are on course Im sure the jumboferry will be filling up with passengers.Dont forget to get down to the Safe this year.By the way believe it or not I still have my World Series ticket for 1995 that I bought in advance in case they would have beat Cleveland!Will have to see what happens when Lee comes back.Id like to see a lefty in the bullpen so maybe Vargas goes there.Or maybe they bundle up a couple of them for Trade bait for a big bat.More will be revealed…..Jeff

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