Mariners on a roll sweep O’s with 4-1 win

 King Felix threw a complete game along with Kevin Millwood of the Orioles tonight, and the best man won.Tonights Mariners win suddenly has our boys tied for first place in the AL West after all three division rivals lost tonight.Felix finished this one-off after being pulled in the 7th against his will last friday in the lopsided 11-3 win over the Tigers. But Felix wanted this one and Wak left his Ace in this time

The Mariners also got there big offensive boost from Jack Wilson the scrappy shortstop with a bases clearing double in the 4th, his fourth double in the last three games. As usual the Mariners are under the radar in the eyes of the national press despite winning 7 of the last 8. Of course that is par for the course with NW teams in general and is only going to make this year even more enjoyable when we win the West!

As a side note Carlos Silva won tonight for the Cubs and Russel Branyon is coming off the DL from his reoccurring Back problem. As far as Silva goes I don’t care what he does there, Milton is a Mariner now and was the guy who sparked this run with his  homer off the A’s last week. As far as Russel Branyon is concerned, we all wish him well but Jack Z. was right again  in his assessment of  Branyon’s health.

So now it’s on to Chicago for a series with the White Sox after a travel day. And yours truly returns from the road back to Seattle. Thanks for bearing with me as I wrote these last 3 posts from my hotel room instead of down at the Safe the Center of the baseball Universe in my

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  1. For what it is worth, I sometimes play golf with Branyan’s Dad Keith Branyan. Very nice guy who can play golf both right and left handed. I was hoping that Russell would have been able to stay with the Mariners but I agree that Z made the right move because of the health situation.

    • Yes I liked Russel the Muscle as he seemed like a great guy along with being one heck of a long ball hitter.I wish him well and his Dad! Off day today going to write something Later.Maybe in the future on off days I can open it up for posts from followers of the page, See Ya Jeff

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