Stop and smell the Seaweed

Well the main engine seems to be running fine, the crew is getting along, and the weather is getting better as the 2010 voyage for the Seattle Mariners is underway. No telling what kind of foul weather lay ahead but the wise skipper gets paid to know how to plot the course for the ship and crew. Maybe its just time to enjoy and feel good about our club up till now while they prepare to take on the Chicago White Sox in the windy city.

The surprising A’s beat the Yankees tonight and thus are a half game ahead of the Mariners leading into Fridays game. I look for Milton Bradley to break out big time and do his talking with his bat in front of what I’m sure will be a vocal and obnoxious crowd especially since  the White Sox are struggling. I think Jose Lopez is due to knock a few out of the park as well to back up our Pitching staff.

By the way I’m thinking of offering up a guest spot on my blog the next off day to any of you fans who has something to say about the Mariners. Let me know if your interested and send me your proposal and you too can be a Blogger for a day! I’ll leave with a question: who out there knows how many Left Fielders have played for more than say 20 games for the Mariners since 1977? I know that since Phil Bradley was steady out there in the 80’s  we have gone thru at least 25 , its amazing actually compared to the relative stability of Center and Right field in the last 20 years. Ok well I’m back in town and can’t wait for the Chisox series, but till then I think I’ll head back to my bunk and fall asleep to the humm of a well tuned Main Mariners Engine running smoothly……

2 Responses

  1. You answered your own question, Jeff! 😉 I think it’s exactly 25. And, as you pointed out, there’s been considerably more turnover in LF than CF and RF, which amount to 25 combined. Great blog, BTW!!!

    • Hi Welcome aboard SD Friar.Im wondering where exactly you got the information on the 25 LF’s? Do you have the names? Im still researching so though I appreciate your comment I’m guessing you just guessed too.The great thing about baseball is the stats dont lie and give us a historical view about the game that is unparalled in Sports.So lets stick to the facts! Jeff

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