Mariners stunned with another 9th inning loss 5-4

They say Baseball is a game of inches, todays game was a good example. Doug Fister pitched well enough to win and had help on a couple of plays that could have gone either way. Eric Byrnes literally climbed the fence in the fifth inning to save a home run by barely getting a glove on a ball that then came back into play allowing the surging White Sox to score two runs. Also in the top of the ninth Casey Kotchman ripped a ball down the line which a White Sox fan touched allowing two runs to score on a Fan interference call that got Ozzie Guillen so upset he got tossed.

 Freddie Garcia the ex-Mariner who came  to Seattle in 98 as part of the Randy Johnson trade, also pitched a great game giving up 2 runs and 2 hits in 8 innings. This game had a lot of drama just like the night before and though the M’s couldn’t get either wins, they were in both of these games right down to the last pitch.

Our boys are now back to 500 and will need to come up with more than 4 hits if they hope to avoid a sweep. As for Dutch Aardsma who gave up todays stunning blow to Alex Rios, I just hope he can put this one behind him and not let it shake his confidence or we could be in for some rough waters in late innings thrillers for the rest of the voyage.

 It was nice to hear Tim McCarver announcing the game today, he provides the insight and knowledge that only a former Big Leaguer can provide. On the bright side Gutierrez had a homer today which makes two days in a row the Mariners have produced a long-ball.Scrappy Jack Wilson came in to run today and should be back in the lineup tomorrow, I hate to say it but we need his bat in the lineup!

So here we are sitting at 500 in a Division that is up for grabs with Cliff Lee coming back next week and playing competitive ball on the road, it could be worse but don’t tell Dutch Aardsma that……

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  1. I finally get to watch a Mariner game on tv as they are being shown on Chicago’s WGN. I dont get a chance to watch them much here in Georgia as ESPN and the MLB network haven’t figured out where they are located. And I sure hope they break out their bats, at least for this one game.

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