White Sox sweep M’s with HR again…

You kind of knew it was going to happen as we headed to the bottom of the 8th after wasting a scoring opportunity in the top of the 8th. Same routine, In today’s game it was Jason Vargas who pitched well to get us to a situation where the bullpen could come in and…….give up the Homer. This time it was Paul Konerko who leads the league in homers with 8 who crushed one off  Brandon League in the bottom of the 8th to send the Mariners to Kansas City 1 game under 500 after 3 tough luck 1-run losses.

Franklin Gutierrez and Casey Kotchman continue to swing hot bats but the rest of the gang appeared to be as cold as the weather in Chicago today. I’m not sure if Milton Bradley was really that sore or Wak decided to keep him out to avoid controversy but  I would have brought Milton in rather than Jr. for the final at bat in the top of the 9th with two runners on, if nothing else for the sheer drama.

 Chone Figgins got a little looper in the 8th but otherwise is continuing his slump which started in the play-offs for the Angels last year and may be the reason they let him go.We have just seen a series where there were 10 home runs 7 for the White Sox 4 of which came off our Bullpen. Something has to give and I believe the Pitching staff is the place to start. We have all Right-handers in the pen, And with lefty  Cliff Lee coming back and eventually Bedard we need to move either Vargas or Ryan Rowland-Smith to the pen and give this team the option of bringing in a Lefty late in the game.

  Also the whole Sweeney/Byrnes/Griffey combo is not producing as many have been talking about since before Spring training. I personally like them all but something has to give and it doesn’t look like anyone in the minor league system is capable of coming up and hitting in the majors for power.Therefore another option may be to package up one or two of our starters, perhaps Snell, Smith, or Vargas and make a trade for a big bat. I still like our chances but we have an excess in quality starters and most teams don’t, but we have just seen what happens in a series against teams that can hit the long-ball vs. our small ball light hitting club.

So now that I have vented it’s on to Kansas City with Felix coming in with his familiar role as the stopper, as we try to steer our ship through the rough waters in the Midwest. http://jeffsmariners.com

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