Jeff’s Mariners Expansion Blog

Scan_Doc0009 click to open 1995 World Series ticket

In August 1995 I got back to Seattle after a 60 day voyage on a Sea-Going tug just in time to witness first hand the miracle of Seattle’s first pennant race . From August 24th all the way till the bitter end of the AL Championship Series with the Cleveland Indians, I went down to the old Kingdome and bought a ticket to watch the game every day.  But there is still one ticket I never got to use, a World Series ticket like the one above that I bought in advance. I’m hoping this is the year, and am excited to be a part of it with my small contribution.

I don’t sail anymore so I took vacation time to go to Spring Training this year in Peoria and loved every minute of it. Right before I left I decided I was going to put my own Mariners Blog together this year, an Expansion Blog so to speak. As you may have noticed by now my Blog is pretty basic and non-commercial. However even getting it up and running for this Old salt has been quite an ordeal. But with the help of a couple techies and reading a book called “Create your own Blog” I have come this far. I appreciate the fact the Seattle PI has lended a hand and allowed me to post my Blogs in their Readers Blogs section, as well as to all of you who have come by now and then for a look.

  Just like the early season Mariners, I’m still working the bugs out and hope to add some bells and whistles by the All-Star Game ie podcasting, photos,and  historical pieces. Not since that sad October Day in 95 have I allowed myself to get my hopes up, but I think this year has the makings of something special. As you may have read in my profile my Grandfather GordonDustyRhodes pitched in the major leagues from 1929-36, this Blog is also a tribute to him for the Love of the game that is in my blood.

  So there it is in case anyone was wondering who this Jeff guy is and what compels him to put together these posts together everyday. By the way I’ll be sitting in Section 147 row 17 seat 1 tomorrow and sending live tweets when our boys come back to the Safe, stop by and lets talk Baseball!

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