Mariners lose again 6-3

The Texas Rangers minus their home-run leader Nelson Cruz, once again beat the Mariners today 6-3. Watching this game was not as painful as last nights 12 inning melt-down, but it was not pretty either. Felix Hernandez and Cliff Lee were supposed to be the anchors of this ship, but without any offense we are adrift in what looks like another storm. As was pointed out by Fox Sports who carried this game, you need to go up to the plate with an idea of what you are looking for. We seem to have a lot of guys who appear to be clueless or perhaps Wak needs to include this training into the “Belief system”.

  Jack Zduriencik has built a ballclub around Pitching, defense, and speed. It is obvious that strategy will not carry us even in the AL West which is wide open. We were able to ride on the back of hot-hitting Franklin Gutierrez earlier in the season, but now he too looks clueless striking out when the chips were down again today with 2 on and no outs in the 9th.

Milton Bradley continues to raise his average, but he and Gutierrez  let a ball drop between them in the 2nd that was catchable and cost us 2 runs.This homestretch is going to be a crucial and tough one if we wish to avoid sinking into Davey Jones’s locker. After Texas we have both Tampa Bay and the Angels and if we don’t get on course this season could be a major let-down. Maybe it’s time for Wak to impose some discipline in the dugout and let the fading Griffey know the high-school shenanigans need to be put on hold till we start getting back to fundamentals.

2 Responses

  1. It’s time to bench Griffey. Here’s all the data Jack Z. and Don Y. need.

    Bench Griffey

  2. Sam, Well the numbers are speaking pretty loud. It’s a sad situation. I caught a look of fear in Griffeys eyes the other day something I have never seen. He was possibly the greatest hitter of his era and he is realizing its over. I wouldnt be surprised if both he and Sweeney retire early and hope they have enough class to do it on their own terms. Having sad that we have other problems too so not sure if that is the solution to all our woes. Thanks for the comment Sam I like your Blog….Jeff

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