Same news, Mariners Lose 5-2

The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Mariners 5-2 tonight behind the brilliant pitching of James Shields and some help from a shoddy Mariners defense which committed 4 errors. Tampa Bay goes to an American League best of 10-1 on the road and sit on top of the tough AL East. The Mariners continued their slide into the cellar of the AL West in a division that is fortunately still wide open with both Texas and the Angels losing.

The Tampa Bay Rays who come from a smallish market and became a Major League Team in the late 90’s  have already had an appearance in the World Series and are quite a remarkable story this year. Was nice to see Rafael Soriano the ex-Mariner back in town, I always liked him and was never sure why we let him go in 2006. Aah but that was a different era, we are supposedly a team that was supposed to contend this year not pretend.

  It was nice to see Ryan Langerhans come in and get a single in the 9th following Gutierrez who lead off with a single himself  as part of a 3 hit night for Guti. Ichiro had a couple of hits as well giving us two starters batting over 300 along with a bunch hitting around 218. Ok well I have already hit my bottom emotionally on the Mariners after last weekend so I’m not going to rant anymore tonight. As Pink Floyd said in their song I think I’ve become “Comfortably Numb”

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