Mariners swept by Rays 8-0

There is not much positive I can write in todays Blog except the Angels are coming to town tomorrow and they have lost 7 in a row. Felix Hernandez who was shaky in his last outing will get the ball, and if there ever was a time for a stopper to come in and win a game it’s tomorrow. The Mariners brought up Michael Saunders from AAA to take Milton Bradley’s spot on the 25 man roster while he sorts out his life.

Like a lot of you I’m a bit at a loss for words for what has transpired over the last week. I attended last Fridays game and had a feeling after the way we missed opportunities twice to score in extra innings that it would be hard to shake-off that loss. Of course I had no idea it was going to last a week. I could rattle off all the stats, point fingers, suggest new lineup changes, or perhaps just try to stay calm and hope for a win tomorrow.

For a minute today I thought of joining the bone-yard of abandoned Mariners Blogs, but like those of you still reading this I am a Mariners Fan. I’ve been conditioned over the last 3 decades to try and stay somewhat detached after watching teams much worse than what we have this year do all sorts of unbelievable things. I guess we all are taking it a little harder this year after the offseason hype and perhaps a bit of denial about the make-up of the 2010 team. But the reality is we are 4 games back and it’s still early. Who knows I may even head down to the Safe tomorrow……

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  1. We lived in Bellevue and Kirkland for 26 years before moving to Georgia after my retirement in 2003 and were diehard Mariner fans (and still are) starting in 1977. We watched an awful lot of bad baseball in the Kingdome and suffered a lot until the magical 1995 season. We also were there for the 2001 heavenly season.

    So, what is happening now is not new to my wife and me and will not erase my love for the Ms. But I sure wish that they would break down and get some bats REGARDLESS OF COST.

    • Hi Caelus, Yes I guess were in the same boat. It would be kind of hard to jump ship now after all weve been thru. Great to hear from another real fan who has been through the ringer like myself. Hope you got a chance to see my 1995 World Series ticket with Seattle Mariners written on it that I posted several days back. It’s funny even last week we were all talking about getting another ” Bat” now it seems people are talking about getting “Bats”. Still considering going to the game tonight,will keep you posted…..Jeff

  2. Hey Jeff: Great blog sorry it took me so long to get back to you. You are doing a great job covering the M’s talk with you soon…B

    • Welcome aboard Brian.I think tonights going to be the night we turn things around.Lokk forward to sharing tidbits of information and insights with you….Jeff

  3. 1995 World Series ticket? You show me yours and I’ll show you mine. We were in the Kingdome for the home portion of the Yankee series and that remains the highlight of my MLB career. Still remember staying in the Kingdome for an hour after the last game along with thousands of other delirious fans.

    • Hi Caelus, If you go back to my April 29th post and look at the Top Ive scanned my unused 1995 World Series ticket and posted it there. Its to bad we didnt make it to the Series that year and perhaps It would make it easier to stop following this club with my hopes up. Glad to hear there are a few Mariners fans back in Georgia…..Jeff

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