Eight is Enough Mariners Lose 4-3

Tonight on May 8th the Seattle Mariners lost their eighth game in a row in 10 innings against the Angels on an otherwise beautiful night in the Pacific NW. Same story different night, good starting pitching by Doug Fister but no ability to get a hit when we needed it late in the game. On a day when the real Mariners held the Tugboat Races as part of Maritime week, our Mariners played like landlubbers lost at Sea. It is bad enough to go to games with fans who get more excited about an animated Hydro race than the actual game, now we have a crew of lackluster sailors calling Safeco field their Homeport. These scallywags need to have their compass adjusted so they can find home plate. 

It appears the Skipper-Wak got his mentoring from Spock. In the first inning Ichiro was called out at first on a play close enough to bring most managers out of the dug-out to argue the play. However WaktheSpock maintained his stoic look as I guess showing fight on behalf of his team is not part of his belief system.

All I know is that this Mariners Fan after tonight’s games is hanging on to a life-ring of hope that defies logic. However it may be time to send out an official Mayday to King Neptune himself.http://jeffsmariners.com

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  1. Hey Jeff. Since you were bragging about your unused 1995 Mariner World Series tickets, I looked for mine but couldn’t find them. Darn. But I did find my tickets for the 1997, 2000, and 2001 World Series. I can scan them and send files to you. How would I do that? Do you have an eMail address?

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