Griffey asleep,Larue a creep…

Larry Larue a small town reporter for the Tacoma Tribune has made his mark as a big-league journalist by scooping a story on Hall of Famer Ken Griffey supposedly taking a nap during a game in the clubhouse. Dirty Laundry sells papers I guess, and with the demise of good reporters jobs I guess Larue is desperate. Makes me glad to be a non-commercial blogger and can’t wait till Larue has to join me someday when his paper folds.

  To be honest I’m more concerned about players like Chone Figgins, David Aardsma, Casey Kotchman, and Rob Johnson amongst others who appear to be sleeping on the field. The recent call-ups, Josh Wilson in particular seem to be wide awake. And how about us fans, no one seems to care about what it is like to try to stay awake while we listen  to Dave Sims and Rick Rizz night after night as they try to be clever.

 Unfortunately there is a 90% chance of rain in Baltimore for Tuesdays game against the Orioles. I can’t imagine what sort of story will be coming out of the center of sophistication and culture known as Tacoma, if we don’t get back to Baseball soon.

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  1. What’s the big deal? Junior supposedly has been taking cat naps in the past. The thing I cannot understand is why Wakamatstu didn’t just shake Junior lightly and tell him to grab a bat. That is what is puzzling me.

    • Hi Caelus, Yes its a sad situation. Lots of hoopla over a nap. Very disturbing to hear all the anger towards Griffey after everything he has done for baseball in this town…..Jeff

  2. Wow, are you serious? I hope I am somehow missing the meta-humor in this post.

    Larry LaRue has been covering the M’s for damn near their entire history and is one of the most respected baseball writers in the country! The players in the clubhouse respect Larry (how do you think he got this news in the first place?)

    Your ignorant, sloppy post does all us bloggers a disservice.

    • Welcome aboard Elliot, Larry Larue may be a hall of famer reporter in your eyes, but as far as Im concerned he took a cheap shot at Griffey. Lets hear the names of the players who supposedly leaked this story. Im so sick of this anti Griffey crusade as if there is someone in the Minors who were going to call up and replace him.Who would you suggest Tui,Carp,Hallman? As far as the ignorant sloppy post comment, I will take a pass on that one for now as there are plenty of Blogs where you guys can spew your venom.Go M’s!

  3. I read your May 10th blog and enjoyed it. That is a good picture of you. Go get ’em Jeff! Love, Aunt Dottie

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