Larry Larue is Through….

An unnamed employee at the Tacoma News Tribune has divulged privately that reporter Larry Larue is on his way out of a job. Apparently due to his taking a “Nap” and forgetting his responsibility as a journalist and posting a story this week where he used his position to push forward a personal agenda based on hear-say evidence. In just a matter of 48 hours the tide has turned against this one time respected reporter who appears to be past his prime and is avoiding retirement even though the Mariners players will no longer grant interviews to journalists while Larue is lurking in the shadows.

It is always difficult for a reporter to know when it is time to go, but it is time to bring in a fresh unbiased voice at the Tribune. Larue can no longer tell journalism from tabloid reporting and it may be time for the Tacoma News Tribune to call up a replacement perhaps from Walla Walla or Olympia. Larue is apparently in denial about his skills and ethics and is so far trying to hold on to his Glory Years at AAA Tacoma, but the writing is on the wall. Larry do it for the good of the game, the fans, and most of all yourself we can’t stand watching your numbers dwindle nor can your employer the Tacoma News Tribune.

Offers are coming into Larry Larue as we speak to help him set-up his own Blog and we wish him well in his retirement.

P.S. Yes this is a fictional post but had to do it as I knew many would like it and would drive the Griffey-Haters Bonkers! Jeff

2 Responses

  1. Jeff, I love it! I read your post on my Facebook Page “Call for Larry LaRue of the Tacoma News Tribune to Resign”. Thanks for the support, I will link you to my blogroll and trackbacks in my blog, Behind the Dish Blog!

  2. Hi Sully, Welcome aboard.Time to batten down the hatches and bring out the cannons as the integrity of our Mariners is under siege.The good people of the NW are coming out in our favor, though and we need to keep the pressure on the Griffey-Haters, Media manipulators and their apologists in the blogoshere. Let Larry Larue feel some pressure…..Jeff

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