The Plot thickens, Brian Goldberg Griffey’s agent speaks out….

In another bizarre twist to the Larry Larue/Griffey saga, I just found out that Brian Goldberg  Ken Griffey’s agent spoke to Bill Swartz at KIRO today with more of this story. Goldberg says the napping story was accidentally published by Larue before completing the story. According to Goldberg ,Larue felt horrible about posting the article before talking to Don Wakamatsu or Ken Griffey and tried to get the newspaper to retract the story but the Tacoma News Tribune refused. Goldberg goes on to say that Larue didn’t actually speak with two players but got the info from someone else in the organization.

  Ok so I’m going to pause and take a breath now before saying something I regret later…..Hmmm well I’m not quite sure how Griffey’s agent got in the act. It looks like this may be some sort of compromise so everyone can save face. However in all fairness this doesn’t feel quite right. Larry Larue needs to set the record straight for himself. If this story is correct so be it, let Larry speak at some sort of news conference and put this to bed. If it is not then it looks like we are heading towards a complete melt down of credibility for all concerned parties. I guess todays melt-down by Brandon League is not going to be discussed today by the local media,rather more of this blather. This is getting to be a little like high-school with all the he said, she said stuff. It should be noted that Darrin Beene the sports editor at the Tribune has disputed the claims of Goldberg. So it looks like we are back to square one.

 After todays game I’m begining to wonder if we could just go back in time and start this season over as it is going from a bad dream to a reoccuring nightmare that gets worse in different ways every day. The drama off the field only intensifies the frustration and has somehow turned many fans against each other in some sort of surreal Civil-War. I think it’s time for a truce.

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