Rays spoil Lee’s gem beating Mariners 2-1

I missed most of today’s game as I was playing softball. I happened to tune in late in the game when the Mariners were up 1-0 and I immediately got that sinking feeling in my stomach. We have seen this show several times this year and I pretty much knew what the result was going to be so I turned off the radio hoping it might help if I didn’t listen. Well as you know that trick did not work either and Cliff Lee wasted another gem of an outing, as the bats just weren’t there again.

  Not sure how long this is going to last but just when I think we have hit bottom on our bad luck, we have another series like this where the Mariners by all rights should have won the series. Josh Bard was called up today and though not an impact player by any means, he will at least get to use his major league experience to try and win a spot on the team.

I know it is hard to believe but we haven’t even played a quarter of the season! I hope we can salvage something out of this road trip in Oakland where we have a short 2 game series next. The Mariners have given our youngsters from AAA a shot this past week and though they are nice guys,unfortunately they haven’t been consistent at the plate either. We did have a little burst of homerun production for a minute this week and that felt good. I guess I’m getting a little confused with all the roster moves as it seems like someone is coming or going every day, and Bradley and Bedard are still question marks though each in their own odd way. I have one last idea to save the season and perhaps the franchise : Move The Fences In! Other teams have done it,though I’m still researching to see if any team has done it in the middle of a season. Also being that it is Seattle we will have to come to some sort of consensus before making a decision, so I don’t look for anything to happen to quick…….. http://jeffsmariners.com

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