And the Beat goes on….A’s Beat M’s 8-4

Ryan RowlandSmith is lost at Sea. Tonight Smith was slammed for 7 earned runs in the first 3 innings in front of 10,051 A’s fans down at the Oakland Coliseum . Gio Gonzalez picked up the win for the A’s who snapped a 5-game losing streak winning this one 8-4. The Mariners did score a run in the top of the first when Jose Lopez knocked in Franklin Gutierrez who has quietly slipped to below .300 after his hot start. Matt Tuiasosopo managed to hit one out of the park in the 4th. And Lopez did pick up a total of 3 RBI’s on the night. Other than that tonight’s story is what will happen to Ryan Rowland-Smith who is out of options and will probably swap out with Ian Snell in the rotation.

  Luke French and Steven Shell are both looking good in Tacoma, but I think rather than losing Smith the Mariners will try to use him in the pen for awhile. Mike Sweeney sat out again tonight with a sore back, and Josh Bard got the start t behind the plate. Despite our troubles tonight, it is apparent that starting pitching is not our problem. And to be honest I don’t have the energy to re-hash all of our problems this season, as it seems to be a moving target with a wide array of leaks in our hull.

  So I want to close this post by thanking all of you who have been following my ExpansionBlog this year and hope that the first quarter of the season will be the worst and we just get better from here.

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  1. It has been a rough few weeks for Aussie Ryan Rowland-Smith, but what he needs right now is the support of all stakeholders (fans, coaches, team mates etc). Given how horrible his last start was he can only go forward. We all like to win, but sometimes winning is supporting those people who we know are capable of more. Nicholas R.W. Henning – Australian Baseball Author

    • Hello Nicholos, Welcome aboard! Ryan Rowlad-Smith is a fair-dinkham and pitched great last year. I hope he turns things around this year along with the rest of the Mariners crew. Love to hear more about Baseball in down-under. Are there many mariners fans there? See Ya, Jeff

    • Nicholos, Hope Ryan Rowlad-Smith figures out a way to come out of his slump as well as the rest of the Mariners. I am 

      glad to hear baseball is going strong down-under. I remember a scrappy Mariner by the name of Chris Snelling we had 8 or 9 years ago, I guess he is back in Australia by now. I liked your Blog and good on you mate for writing about Aussies playing MLB in the states. Love to syndicate my Blog down-under if there are any Mariners Fans. Keep in touch….Jeff Engels

  2. just heard of my cousin’s website. i’m watching the mariners lose again as I write. We went up to Seattle a couple of weeks ago to watch felix lose to texas. always fun at safeco no matter what. i love the mariners but i’m glad to love the yankees also. i’ve rooted for them since 1959 many years before seattle ever had a team. i hope you’re doing well. i like the picture of your grandpa. your mom was a good athlete too. she threw a football like a guy. m’s just lost a run on a weird play. not their time

    • Hi John, Glad to hear from you and thanks for stopping by. This is proving to be a tough year to start a Mariners Blog with the way the season is going so far.I will confess I rooted for the Yankees last year in the play-offs but have to stick with the home team for the regular season as long as I can handle it! Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff, I am a good friend of your cousin John and he told me to try your blogg. pretty neat. We went up to a Mariner game two weeks ago and had a great time But they lost,My daughter lives up in Seattle so we will be going to quite a few games. Keep up the good work. Sparky

    • Hi Sparky, welcome aboard! Great game today I hope we can turn things around. Feel free to comment any time! Jeff

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