Mariners sink to 11 Leagues under the Sea in Oakland 6-5

The Seattle Mariners lost another game in the last at bat for an opposing team, and are now 11 games under .500 after losing 6-5 in the 10th inning to the Oakland A’s. Felix Hernandez started this one for the Mariners, and though not sharp kept us in this one as our guys managed to battle back on several occasions. Three of our slumping sailors Kotchman, Figgins, and Johnson had two hit nights in another heart-breaker in an unbelievable string of tough losses for Seattle.

The 10th inning was particularly difficult to watch as Brandon League was dealt another loss and moves to 3-4. League got Davis to pop-up to start off the bottom of the 10th, then walked Pennington the speedy shortstop. Barton flied out to Gutierrez who took his time getting the ball in and Pennington tagged up at first and advanced on the mental error by Gutierrez. League then threw a pitch in the dirt to Ryan Sweeney that was called a wild-pitch, but appeared catchable and allowed Pennington to advance to third. The Mariners put Sweeney on, and Kurt Suzuki came through with a clutch single up the middle to score Pennington. It was a sloppy ending to a game where the Mariners showed some life at the plate.

  The Oakland A’s are possibly our biggest rival traditionally due to their close proximity, and they seem to have our number this year. As a side note my Grandfather Gordon” Dusty” Rhodes pitched his last season in the majors with the old Philadelphia A’s under Connie Mack in 1936. In those days they left starters in to finish games,  and he had a record of 9-20 that year which was enough to send him to the minors for the rest of his career.

  So our Mariners now have to make their way back to their home-port like a bunch of sailors who have been ashore in an exotic Port where they spent all their money on booze, women and gambling, then blew the rest……

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