Griffey Delivers in 9th M’s win 4-3!

There is an old saying  “Don’t give up 5 minutes before the Miracle” today it came true as the Mariners ended a 5 game losing streak in the bottom of the 9th with a pinch-hit single by Ken Griffey Jr. to win it 4-3. Once again Jason Vargas pitched well, and besides a 2-run homer to Jose Batista in the 5th, managed to keep the powerful Toronto Blue Jays in check this afternoon in front of 20,452 at the Safe. Kanekoa  Texeira and Shawn Kelley pitched well in relief giving the Mariners a chance to stay in this one.

Even our skipper Don Wakamatsu played a role today when he finally showed some emotion and got thrown out of the game arguing a close call in the 8th on a stolen base attempt by Ichiro. Good to see Wak stop acting like Spock and taking one for the team. It looks like catcher Josh Bard is making a bid for the every day catchers job with another fine performance including 2 hits and an RBI in the 9th.

 The Jays brought in their closer Kevin Gregg to pitch the 9th and he served up back-to-back singles to Mike Sweeney and Jose Lopez to open the frame. Gregg then gave up a walk to Milton Bradley loading the bases, and Casey Kotchman battled for another walk to drive in his 17th run making it 3-2. Josh Bard delivered a sacrifice fly to tie the game with Bradley on at second. This set the stage for Griffey to come in and pinch-hit for Josh Wilson who botched a chance to lay down a bunt in the 7th by missing 3 bunt attempts.

 Griffey has been much maligned lately in the press and by certain blogs around town, so the fact that he delivered a line drive single to drive in Bradley and break the losing streak was indeed sweet. We are now a quarter of the way through the campaign and I have a hunch King Neptune is done trying our Mariners and the fair city of Seattle. As a matter of fact I think I will head down to the Safe tomorrow and see for myself if the winds have changed.

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  1. Approximately 24 hours after the miracle I remain hopeful and optimistic that yesterday’s game will be the start of the inevitable upswing for this Mariners team. I say inevitable for two reasons: one is that, much like the weather today, I am a fair weather fan and can’t help but look at yesterday as a microcosm of good things to come; two…it really can’t get any worse…can it? Criticize me all you want for potentially reading too much into and attributing too much positive foreshadowing to one game, but as a life long Seattle sports fan, I’ve accepted that sometimes all we have is that one good game, one good pitching performance, one good inning, one good walk/stolen base/sacrifice bunt/sacrifice fly. It’s how we remain loyal to our teams when the sports gods seem to be living on the east coast and just can’t stay awake until 2 in the morning anymore to be with a team that as far as that coast is concerned is playing their home games somewhere in NW Alaska. Cry me a river, I know. This team is at a crossroads where reality and hopefulness for success intersect, and right now optimism is not glass half full. It’s whether the glass has anything left at all. I think it does. And as I stare out my office window at the Ballard Bridge pointed toward the sky on a Friday afternoon a few hours before the commencement of interleague play, the weather remains fair.

  2. At padres game in sec 121. Like the sign

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