Somebody had to Pay, Mariners explode for 15-8 Win!

Safeco field May 21 2010

On a cold May night I took the bus down to the Safe tonight following a hunch that yesterday’s come from behind victory marked a turning point in the season for the Mariners. Little did I know what was to follow would be a slugfest, thinking instead the pitching duel between Cliff Lee and Wade Le Banc throwing for the 1st place San Diego Padres. Cliff Lee didn’t seem to have his best stuff and the surprising Padres scored 2 runs in the first with Pesky David Eckstein starting things off with a single, followed by a double from slugger 1st baseman Adrian Gonzalez.The padres picked up a couple more singles from Headley and Salazar, before Lee shut them down.

  In the Mariners half of the 1st I got my first clue that tonight King Neptune was on our side when Gutierrez reached first on a dropped routine fly to right field. We didn’t score in the 1st but something was different in the air tonight after the collective sigh of relief we all felt after Griffey’s clutch hit on Thursday to win that one.

  And then it came, the Baseball Gods decided to start the bottom of the second with a fluke base hit by Bradley that bounced off third Base and gave Milton Bradley the 1st of his 3 hits for the night. We loaded the bases up on walks before Josh Wilson delivered a single. Ichiro picked up a hit as well and on another odd play Josh Wilson scored from 3rd on a ground ball by Guti to third baseman Headley who instead of going for the double play, decided to throw home allowing Wilson to score. Mike Sweeney came up with 2 runners on and fouled a ball that just missed being fair for a homer. I’ve watched a lot of baseball in my life and 99% of the time when a batter hits a ball out but foul he doesn’t come back and hit a home run. But again this night was our night, and Mike Sweeney did indeed connect for a 3-run bomb and the Mariners were up 7-2 and never looked back.

 Our new starting catcher Josh Bard hit a solo homer in the 3rd to answer the Padres 2-runs effort in the top half of the frame. It was odd to see Cliff Lee labor tonight and he actually gave up 7 earned runs before the night was over. But this time things would be different for our suddenly on fire bats, every time the Padres scored we answered back, and then some.

  Mike Sweeney picked up another homer and had 4-hits and 6 RBI’s on the night. Milton Bradley had a 3 hit night, and Josh Bard lifted his average to .400 with his 2 hits. Only Jose Lopez went hitless tonight though he was robbed of extra bases late in the game by a Willie Mays over the shoulder basket catch by the Padres left fielder Denorfia. I had a great seat in section 120 three rows back, I brought the sign pictured above in support of Ken Griffey which Vargas and a couple other player acknowledged. But I kept looking for Griffey who must have been sitting back and enjoying the hit parade he started Thursday.

  Finally in the 6th he came up to the rail and Bedard pointed my way, Griffey saw my sign and acknowledged it by tipping his hat to me! And in reality he was tipping his hat to all of us that stood with him recently. That whole Larry Larue story is officially dead now. The Barometer is rising, though it has a long way to go to reach .500, so I think I will enjoy the memories of tonight’s break-out 15-8 win and let King Neptune do the rest.

6 Responses

  1. Nice to see Grif acknowledge you by tipping his cap. It seemed like yesterday when you and I were at the old kingdome. The M’s had just signed Griffey out of high school. They flew him out here to meet the M’s brass and he’s sitting in the broadcast booth watching the game. We leaned way over the 300 level railing to get a good look at “the kid”. We’re yelling at him and welcoming him to Seattle, when this 18 year-old shy looking future hall-of-famer smiles at us and waves back!! Made our whole night! Now, 21 years later, he’s again acknowledging your support. Pretty cool Go M’s

    • Mike, Yes we have come full circle since the old Kingdome days. Hope the “Kid” comes on strong in the rest of the year and retires with dignity. Nice talking Mike…..Jeff

  2. I actually thought Cliff Lee pitched pretty well that night! Didn’t turn out so hot in the ERA column, but he didn’t walk anyone, and kept the ball in the ball park. When a pitcher does those two thing, he succeeds more often than not. Keep it up Cliffy!

    • Yes uoduckfan Lee had command of this game despite giving up all those runs. He has a sense of command when he takes the mound and doesn’t seem to get rattled no matter what the situation is.Thanks for the post….Jeff

  3. Hi Jeff,

    Looking forward to reading your stories about the Mariners.

    Uncle Harry

    • Hi Uncle Harry, Welcome aboard.It is looking like it is going to be a long tough season but I’m trying to remain hopeful! Thanks for stopping by for a look! Jeff

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