Slow News Day for Mariners

Yesterday I took a nasty tumble at second base while I was playing softball,  after I shook it off the first thing that came to my mind was I’m to old at 52 to be playing shortstop. Jack Wilson is 20 years younger and he is thinking the same thing, Ken Griffey is 40 and looking at the end, and Milton Bradley is taking a deeper look at life himself for perhaps the first time. Americans have always loved to compete, and we seem to derive a little to much of our identity based on what we do for a living in comparison to other people around the world. You could make the case that our will to win is what made this country great. But at what cost to ourselves, our planet, and those we care about do we need to keep pushing the envelope?

  In my case it is a no-brainer, this will be my last season. Jack Wilson sounds like he is ready to give it up. Ken Griffey will probably finish the year in some capacity. And perhaps Milton Bradley has hit some sort of bottom spiritually and emotionally and may surprise us all by evolving into a more well-rounded human being. Of course no one much cares about my baseball career, but it is a slow news day and I thought I would break things up with a feel-good story.

  Baseball is a bit different from most sports with all the history, metaphors, and parallels to real life. When I look through my scrap-book of old players that my grandfather GordonDusty”  Rhodes played with in the majors, and look at the faces, I see people like us in their timeless poses. Somehow when I put on my cleats or head down to the Safe I get lost in to a time-warp. For the players who are actually in the dug-outs it must be even more surreal and difficult to let go of. Chone Figgins must somehow still be holding on to his confidence, Griffey to his faith in his swing, Rob Johnson to the time when he was a top prospect. In reality it is our higher nature that has to intercede and tell us when it is time to move-on, if we listen. If not the game of baseball can be a cruel Mistress indeed.

6 Responses

  1. Jeff,
    Don’t get soft on yourself at only 52. We STARTED our 50 and over softball team when we were 47 (they didn’t have enough players over 50 so they let us in early) and played for 10 years. One of the guys that is still playing is almost 71. You’re just getting started but you may need to move into a less aggressive league.

    • John, Well thanks for the idea. Not sure if I would like the game on the slow-bell. Of course I am running out of options! Jeff

  2. A reminder that time never stands still, but when you give up is when you start to age.

  3. Well put sully, Life is certainly a mystery whether you are in a slump or in the zone.Always a new game tommorrow…..Jeff

  4. I really like the article Jeff. Very well written and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been hard to watch Griffey and equally hard to blame him for wanting to keep going. I say, to you, keep playing! And you just gained a regular reader.

    • Rhinorant, Thanks for the compliment. Glad to have you aboard as most of the Sweeney Lovers are migrating to my Blog! Sweeney should have got the AL player of the week award for his outburst last week,hope he keeps it up! Jeff

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