Yankees win third game of series 4-2

   The New York Yankees managed to avoid being swept by the Seattle Mariners in an afternoon game today thanks to a 2-run homer from ex-Mariner Alex Rodriguez. After losing the first two games of this series to the Mariners, the Yankees sent their Ace CC Sabathia to the mound today to stop the bleeding. Sabathia faced Ryan Rowland-Smith who managed to keep this one close through his six innings of work. Rowland-Smith gave up 5 hits today including a home run to Robinson Cano in the 4th inning with 2 out and no one on. Besides the homer to Cano who is having a MVP type season, the big Aussie pitched well despite receiving no run support from the players behind him on the field.

  Sabathia also allowed only five hits on the day silencing the Mariners bats which had been hot in this series up until this game. The Mariners only managed three hits till the 8th inning as the Yanks cruised to what looked like would be a complete-game shutout of their own. However in the 8th Josh Bard walked and moved to second on a single by Ichiro, setting the stage for Russell Branyon. The Muscle came through with a clutch 2-out single to drive in both runners tying the game 2-2. It appeared that the Mariners were back in it but for some reason Don Wakamatsu decided to pull reliever Brian Sweeney who pitched another run-free 7th, instead bringing in David Aardsma. This decision by Wak proved to be fatal as Aardsma once again choked giving up a 2-run bomb to Alex Rodriguez to seal the fate of the Mariners today. Aardsma gave A-Rod a fastball up that he dropped just over the short right field fence setting the stage for Mariano Rivera.

   Rivera came jogging in to do what he has become the best at, namely shutting down opposing teams to preserve leads. Up until the A-Rod bomb and Rivera’s appearance, this series did not seem like the same Yankees team we are used to. But the Bronx Bombers still have their old-guard heroes that seem to have a flair for the dramatic, as well as the killer-instinct. Despite the loss today the Mariners come away with another series win and were in today’s game right up until the end. Hopefully our boys can head over to Detroit and continue playing the sort of competitive ball that they have been playing for the past couple of weeks.http://jeffsmariners.com

3 Responses

  1. lets hope so…hey Jeff we are changing servers etc…once that is done we will exchange links…talk with you soon…B

  2. Hi Jeff, Do you think the M’s will trade Cliff Lee sometime soon? If so, what would you like to see them get in return? Finally, do you think that if Lee gets traded that the M’s still would have any chance at all at remaining competitive in their division? Regards, Bill (ondeckcircle.wordpress.com)

  3. Bill, I believe the best way to handle the Cliff Lee situation is to continue to hold-off and see who gets desperate at the deadline. Teams in contention are more likely to give-up a young position player that can hit for power. If it requires a three way trade so be it. Seattle is in the drivers seat on this and we need to be patient. If all that is offerred is marginal prospects, then I think it is better to hold on to him for the rest of the season. Having said that I believe that unless we hurry up and put together another 5-6 game win streak , then Lee will be gone for sure. Jeff

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