Curtain call for Cliff Lee Friday at Safeco?

Farewell Captain Lee

    As many of you know Cliff Lee will be sprinting out to the mound this Friday to pitch for quite possibly his last time at home as a Seattle Mariner. Perhaps it is fitting that he will be going up against the New York Yankees giving Mariners fans our best hope of being able to maintain some semblance of dignity in this dismal season. Of course there will be several thousand loud and semi-obnoxious East Coast transplants at the game cheering for the Bronx Bombers. But this is our chance to show our appreciation for Cliff Lee and the magnificent job he has done for our city and ballclub this year.

  As the trade rumors circulate around the country it will be a night to enjoy our beautiful weather, stadium and perhaps the best pitcher in the game one more time. However if you are like me it will be hard to keep your mind off the irony and bitter reminder of how our franchise is still mired in obscurity due to an absentee owner, poor management and inept players over the last several years.

 And yet Cliff Lee will still throw strikes…

  Cliff Lee is a champion biding his time till he gets his next assignment, playing the game hard as if he was pitching in the World Series every night.

  And  Lee will sprint out to the mound late in the game…

  Cliff Lee is not Randy Johnson who our short-sighted management cabal of Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong let slip through our fingers, but we will miss him.

  Cliff Lee will remind us about our great region and independent can-do character even if it is just for one more night.

   Thank you Cliff Lee for making Seattle your home port so far this year. You are an inspiration for all the Seattle fans young and old who work hard, play by the rules and love life.

   Maybe someday when you are in some crowded, muggy, and mean-spirited distant city you will think of the shipmates you left behind in Seattle Captain Lee, and know we love and respect you  not only for what you do but how you do it.

2 Responses

  1. It is truly a new low watching the Mariners lose all three to a very weak KC. I love the Mariners but also the Yankees (since there was no Seattle team back then). Bothers me that the Mariners lose to everybody else but when they play the Yankees, the M’s are like a different team. This makes me think they have some motivational issues.

  2. John, Well as a business owner you should know the tone is set at the top. In the Mariners case we have an absentee owner and two top management guys that are clue less about the fundamentals of the game. We need new ownership that is involved and cares about winning otherwise the Mariners will continue to flounder like a ship with no rudder…..Jeff

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