Mariners take an All-Star break after losing 8-2

  The Seattle Mariners lost an afternoon game to the New York Yankees 8-2 today before heading into the All-Star break. Today’s game was all Yankees as C.C. Sabathia had his good stuff today topping out at 98mph. Ryan Rowland-Smith got the start for the Mariners and the defense behind him was shoddy aided by the elusive Seattle summer sun which added a few more base runners for the first place NY Yankees. On a day when the rest of the world watched Spain win the World Cup, over 40,000 fans got to see the clear difference between a contending team and one that is going to have a long year.

  Interestingly enough Casey Kotchman went 3-4 including a solo home run, getting the start at first pushing Russell Branyan to the bench. Newcomer Justin Smoak picked-up his first hit as a Mariner and is now 1-8 since coming over. While it is too early to tell on Smoak, It is a bit perplexing to wonder why we traded for another guy to play 1st after picking-up Russell Branyan and Casey Kotchman seems to have found his stroke.

  There are a lot of questions to ask besides who will play first base, such as who will be the catcher, left fielder, the bullpen mess and a rotation that seems up in the air. Also we seem to have an extra Wilson and a new Sweeney coupled with Mike Sweeney due to come-off the DL to play where? The Mariners did have a great game Saturday night and there is some talent on this club. But will it be enough to avoid a 100 loss season? I hope so as I am committed to finishing out my rookie year as a Mariners Blogger.

   I am hoping to make a few improvements over the break to make this site more user-friendly and I welcome any imput from my readers. Would you like a bigger font? Perhaps Podcasts or video blogging? Do you want more stories from the past or from around the rest of baseball? This site is evolving along with my journalistic and creative style. I will be making it easier to follow this site on Twitter, Facebook and to receive daily feeds via RSS or e-mail.

  So now it is time to try to clear our heads of all the negativity surrounding this tough first-half and try to stay positive on this season. Now that the weather is beautiful we will all have other things to enjoy here in the Great Northwest, but I know some of you will be following this team right up till the last-pitch and I plan on continuing the voyage with you.

2 Responses

  1. Let’s hope the M’s can turn it around in the second half…Really glad we got that kid Smoak Jeff…have a good All Star break…B

  2. Brian, Well I hope Smoak pans out myself, though I’m not to thrilled with having to give up Lowe and 2 million bucks as well. Looking forward to a better second half! Jeff

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