Mariners rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic

In Jack Z. We Rust

     I woke up this morning hoping to discover that the Mariners GM had pulled-off some sort of miracle move to dump a few of our underachievers and pick up some new names to help finish-up the 2010 voyage. But as the trade deadline evaporated all we got was a strange shuffle of names that all seem to have negative baggage attached to them. Perhaps Jack Z. could not unload any of the stowaways who have been collecting paychecks for doing next  to nothing this year, and he knows the fans are restless so he tried sort of a homemade blockbuster trade.

  I mean what the heck top management probably figures most of the fans will be focusing on Seafair so we will give them a little show like the Hydros at Safeco to entertain them. So here it is the big trade deadline move by Jack Zduriencik in 2010: Justin Smoak goes to AAA Tacoma, Milton Bradley goes on the DL and Sean White and Matt Tuiasosopo come back from Tacoma! Yes that is it folks, our big bat that we got for Cliff Lee can’t hit in the majors yet so he will be replaced by Matt Tuiasosopo another guy who can’t hit in the majors. Sean White who gets bombed almost every time out gets one more shot at redemption. And Milton Bradley has another undefined injury. I can just see the headlines now: “In Jack Z. we Rust”

   This is what we get as other clubs are adding to their already powerful arsenals and the Mariners continue to slide into the lower tier of MLB teams in a not so graceful manner. I was hoping that perhaps we would bring-up Matt Mangini who plays third in Tacoma and is hitting .300 with 12 homers. Yes he has 19 errors but I’m tired of watching Tui boot balls, at least this guy Mangini is someone new and has some pop. Of course I know it must be the old belief-system thing again. Either Don Wakamatsu or Jack Z. or possibly both, see something in Sean White and Tuiasosopo that the rest of us must be missing.

  Honestly I was caught a little offgaurd when I heard that Justin Smoak will be heading down to Tacoma as well. Yes he is looking terrible at the plate, but I swear I heard both Jack Z. and Wak say this was going to be the everyday first baseman for the rest of the year? It makes it even more disturbing when you look at the fact that we traded Cliff Lee early to get this guy who has already proven he is not ready to hit at this level. Imagine if we would have held out till the trade deadline and been able to actually pick-up a bonafide Major League Player, heck we may have even been able to package up Jose Lopez with Lee instead of Mark Lowe.

    I took a look at the Tacoma Rainiers roster today and to be honest I think there really is not much difference anymore with the big club as far as overall talent. And besides the Rainiers are actually winning…..hmm maybe that is the secret strategy that Jack Z. is working on some sort of shadow-team with Smoak, Sweeney, Ackley, Pineda that he is keeping hidden in Tacoma so he can trade the entire starting line-up in Seattle to get Cliff Lee back….I don’t know anymore but I have decided to drive to Tacoma tonight to investigate and watch a competitive team play baseball here in the NW…….

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