Jeff’s continued Rehab assignment in Tacoma

    Hello my fellow baseball lovers just thought I’d check-in on this off day for the Mariners to let you know I am continuing my emotional and mental rehab assignment following the Tacoma Rainiers. My condition is not as serious as a full “Milton Bradley” type break-down, however I will be attending the Rainiers game Tuesday at 1130 as part of my rehab assignment. I am making slight progress with issues like anger, frustration, loss, and general apathy by focusing on the scrappy Rainiers.

  Of course the fate of the big club is never far from my thoughts even as I attempt to regain my footing as a fan after this tidal wave of negativity that has swept-over Mariners nation. I have given some thought to the whole question of firing Don Wakamatsu and have come to the conclusion that he is just a symptom of the over-all problem faced by this franchise and should stay put at least till the end of the 2010 season. As I have said in earlier posts I believe the main problem rests with the absentee ownership issue and the continued presence of Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong pulling the strings somewhere back in the murky shadows of Safeco Field. Don’t get me wrong I have plenty of concerns with the way Wak has run this club on the field, and I have long ago quit trusting in the great wizard Jack Zduriencik and his ability to make key decisions regarding player acquisitions. However this franchise has been operating with a “Belief System” that the Seattle fans are not that knowledgeable and they will settle for a nice stadium, hydro races and  mediocre teams that are only here to compete, not win. This mindset comes from Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong at the top and is a set-up for failure for whatever manager or GM comes rolling into town.

   I do have a gut feeling that Hiroshi Yamauchi or perhaps someone from his family may at some point get tired of the lies and half-truths fed to them by Lincoln and Armstrong and step-up and get rid of those two hustlers. If not hopefully maybe Mr. Yamauchi will just pull the plug and sell the team to someone local that actually cares about Baseball and our city of Seattle.

  Geez now I have done it, there goes my blood pressure…..need to focus on AAA and fun and winning as my Blog-Doctor has prescribed. I do want to include some information that may prove useful to you today as I don’t want you to think Jeff’s Mariners Fan Blog is turning into some sort of New-Age feel good Blog. So I have some information on the whole concept of “Waivers” and what it means for the average fan that I hope you find useful as we head into the month of August:

1) Virtually every player in the major leagues will be placed on waivers this month, whether a team intends to trade that player or not. If nothing else, the sheer volume of names can at least disguise players whom clubs do want to sneak through so they can be dealt.

2) If a player isn’t claimed by any team in either league, he can be traded until the end of the month to anyone.

3) If a player is claimed, but only by one team, the player can be traded only to the team that claims him.

4)If a player is claimed by more than one team, the club with worst record in that player’s league gets priority…and the player can be traded to just that team.

5) If a player is claimed only by teams in the other league, the club with the worst record in the other league gets priority…and the player can be traded only to that team.

6) If a deal can’t be worked out or the team doesn’t want to trade that player, he can be pulled back off waivers once in August. If he is placed on waivers again before September, he can’t be recalled a second time.

7) If a team is just hoping to dump a player’s salary, it can simply allow a team which claimed that player to have him for a small waiver fee. If that happens, the team that gets the player has to pay his entire salary.

8) Also sometimes teams will claim a player just to keep them from being traded to a contender.

  So I hope that helps, though I know it is a bit complex and has a lot of possible intrigues involved in the process. I am assuming that the Mariners will use this process to attempt to unload some of the players who are not part of our future here. Ok so that’s it for now I will give you a report after I return from my Rehab assignment in Tacoma tomorrow afternoon..

11 Responses

  1. I hate the whole, Byzantine waiver-wire process. It was invented by some lawyer that hated baseball and wanted it to self-destruct into a thousand jagged pieces. And why is there even a trade-deadline to begin with? If teams want to trade, (except for during the playoffs) let them.
    Hope you enjoy your mental health vacation in the land of AAA.

    • Bill,Yes the waiver process is odd and complex.Trying to get some distance from all the negativity and watch some youngsters who are still hustling to get their shot at the bigs …..Jeff

  2. Not so sure this is a Jack issue…I think the process in constructing this team was a smart one. To say that Jack Z should have foreseen that RRS and Ian Snell would be the worst two pitchers in baseball, or that Figgy, Kotchman and Griffey would perform far worse than they ever have in their career, is asking for a lot of foresight. No one could have predicted that. Combine that with Bedard and Lee’s injuries, and you have a team that would be competing now putting AAA lineups against established MLB pitchers. It’s going to snowball in 2010, but you can’t pin this one on the management.

  3. P.S. I disagree that Jack is to blame.

    • Actually I am primarily concerned with the owner and Lincoln and Armstrong not so much Jack Z. Jeff

      • Ah ok…I’m not as aware of that situation. What is it you dislike about Lincoln and Armstrong? It seems like ownership was very willing to fund Cliff Lee’s trip west…

      • I assume you have read the previous posts about the owner Hiroshi Yamauchi. Perhaps you have never heard of him….that is the problem the actual owner has little to no interest in the team. Howard Lincoln has his hands in both pies both as CEO of the team and Nintendo America which was set-up by Yamauchi. It is a conflict of interests. Howard Lincoln is not a baseball man. Look up his relationship with Lou Piniella. Armstrong is not a baseball guy either. They are busnismen, yes I know baseball is a business, but you need to know the intricies of the game as well neither do. This season is a culmination of short-sightedness on behalf of top management. I have come to this conclusion after watching this team for 25 years and also watching teams like the Yankees who had a hands-on owner who set the tone and did what it took to win. Yes George Steinbrenner was out of control at times,but he cared about winning and his team has the WS rings to show for it. Not saying the players aren’t to accept some of the blame as well,but it starts at the top….Jeff

  4. Hey Jeff: sounds like you are enjoying yourself. I don’t have the luxury of running down the road to Tacoma…I either have to go to Maryland to see the Bowie Baysox or to Potomac for the Nationals farm team…it all start again tomorrow night at Safeco…

  5. Thanks, this blog is a keeper. It is the first time I have come away with some understanding of waivers.

    • Helen, Glad I could help the whole waivers thing can be confusing for sure. Hope you tell your friends about this ” keeper” and make sure you subscribe via RSS or e-mail! Thanks…Jeff

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