Indians beat drum and Mariners 9-1

Indians Fan John Adams beating drum as Indians rally

  The Cleveland Indians avenged Saturday’s 9-3 loss to the Seattle Mariners with a 9-1 trouncing of the visiting lads from the Puget Sound today. Felix Hernandez pitched great through 6 innings and had two down in the 7th before a costly error by Chone Figgins opened the flood gates for the tribe. The Indians rally features a grand-slam by Travis Hafner and allowed the Indians rally drummer John Adams (pictured above) who has been beating the distinctive loud drum at Indians games for 37 years,  a chance to pound away as the Cleveland fans finally got to something to get excited about in this series. Felix Hernandez definitely has fallen into the category of what they used to call a toughluck pitcher back in the day. As a matter of fact I was interviewed yesterday by the author of Baseball Past and Present for an article on Dusty Rhodes and we found an old-clipping describing my Grandfather in 1934 as the league’s tough-luck pitcher. Well Felix Hernandez is definitely the AL’s version of this year’s tough-luck pitcher considering the meager run-support he has received from his offense on the campaign thus far in 2010.

   But believe it or not the Mariners won their third series in a row this weekend and now move on to another hot and humid series in Baltimore. I expect to see a little media attention for this series as both teams are playing decent ball under their new respective skippers. Daren Brown vs. Buck Showalter the rookie against the wily veteran trying to make one last run at glory. Many of you may remember Buck Showalter as the manager of the 1995 Yankees who got fired after losing the infamous series to the fabled 95 Mariners before going on to Texas and then of course TV. I like our chances in this upcoming series, and would like to see our wayward sailors pick-up another series victory before heading on to play the Yankees and Red Sox before sailing home to Safeco field.

  I received a message on Twitter that I am being followed by “Fire Nintendo” which is apparently a grassroots effort to build a campaign to oust Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln using social media. I support this endeavor and urge my readers to get involved as well. It has been refreshing to see the mainstream media get onboard with this issue as of late in the Seattle Times as well as other publications. However at the end of the day it is going to be up to us the Fans to mobilize and organize around the Top Management problem with this team, if indeed we ever hope to move out of the lower tier in Major League baseball that we now occupy with teams like the Indians and the Orioles. Look for more information on this campaign as I receive it here. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather and getting outdoors to enjoy that time of year we relish here in Seattle, too bad we don’t have a heated pennant race to complete the summer….

2 Responses

  1. hey man; you left a comment on my site when i talked about how felix shouldve stayed in the KC game to preserve his own lead.

    i bet the king wants out right about now!

  2. Yes Felix is certainly being subjected to a rough season along with his fans. definetly a tough-luck pitcher….Jeff

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