West Coast Mariners ashore on the Eastern Seaboard

  As I write this our Seattle Mariners, fresh off another series win are ashore in New York City preparing to do battle with the Yankees before sailing up the coast to the Port of Boston. I imagine for some of the guys including the new Skipper this must be an exhilarating experience as they wander around Manhattan enjoying the sights. The NY media will not consider our crew too much of a threat, and thus this series will only be seen in the light of the current tight pennant race the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox are in. Of course a few fans and players in New York probably remember the last game that Felix Hernandez pitched against them where he dominated the Bronx Bombers, and will want to avenge that loss on their home turf.

  The last time our gang was in New York earlier in the season way back in the Cliff Lee era, we managed to win the three game series and many in NY were a bit upset and amazed that the lowly Mariners could pull-off such a feat. But guys like Jeter, Rodriguez, Posada and Mariano Rivera are true professionals with only one thing on their mind…..winning. So in the calm before the storm I hope our team is enjoying itself. It is hard to say if young Adam Moore or the newly resurgent Matt Tuiasosopo will be intimidated by the big stage, or rise to the occasion against a superior foe and shine under the bright lights, we shall see tomorrow.

   I imagine Ichiro with his celebrity status has some interesting friends in New York; perhaps he is even dining with Yoko Ono in some eclectic underground spot tonight. I can’t quite imagine what a guy like Michael Saunders is doing in his day off in the Big Apple……maybe a museum or just staying close to the hotel. Hopefully Russell Branyan will be safe in his hotel room and manages to avoid any injuries at the hands of any devious furniture lurking in his room. Mostly I am happy that our crew is heading into the lion’s den with a little momentum under their belts and with any luck we may be able to win another series against either the Yankees or Red Sox.

    Back here in the remote outpost of Seattle it seems as if the average sports fan has begun to shift their attention to the upcoming football season and trying to cram in a little more of the great outdoors before fall sets in. Speaking of which your truly is heading out on a weeklong vacation starting tomorrow. I will be heading down to Brush Prairie; Washington to play in what could be my last softball tournament of my long career. I know it is not Yankee Stadium but it should be fun and I hope to get some closure around this whole Baseball bug that I have had for over 40 years so I can focus on my budding career as a sports journalist! I have decided to bring my laptop and will be making posts where possible on my journey which will end up at some small Port on the Coast of the great state of Oregon. Go Mariners!…..http://jeffsmariners.com

2 Responses

  1. I would like nothing better than for them to win 2 out of 3 this weekend Jeff…go M’s….B

    • Brian, Call me crazy but I think we have a shot at winning one of the two series we have left on this roadtrip. Be great to come home after a winning road trip for once! Jeff

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