King reigns supreme in the Big Apple

Well I had to break-up my vacation to put up a quick post tonight after the Mariners took care of the Yankees 6-0 tonight.

  For once King Felix got some run support thanks primarily to RussellThe MuscleBranyan and his two homers including a three-run shot early in the game which shut down the crowd in the Bronx.

  After the blow by Branyan it was all about Felix Hernandez who went 8 innings without giving up a run and in the process struck-out 11. As I wrote yesterday if the Mariners manage to win one of these two series against either the Yankees or Red Sox, this road trip will be the best one of the year.

   Whatever Daren Brown is telling these guys, it is working as he is now 7-3 since taking the helm. The Yankees are in the thick of a hot race in the AL East so you know their fans and press are livid after being dominated by the Mariners!

   Is it to late to start believing in this team? I actually am feeling a slight twinge of confidence in our club after tonight. Yes I know the season is long over as far as the playoffs,  but this is fun anyway.

  The last time anything like this occurred was when we swept the Reds before losing Cliff Lee two months ago.

  It has been a long time since I’ve been able to look forward to watching the ESPN highlights for more than one or two nights a week. Anyway I’m in Vancouver Washington with an early softball game so I won’t be giving you the usual 700 word post tonight. I just wanted to say great game Mariners and good for you Felix and Russell you are representing us well on the Eastern Seaboard so far!

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  1. It was actually a pleasure scoring and watching the game…Felix would have a bunch more wins with the run support he got tonight….B

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