Mariners lose 1-0 as reality returns…..

Well I’m officially back in Seattle just in time to watch part of today’s 1-0 loss to the Twins. I’m still a bit out of touch with reality after being on the road for a week, and yet I tuned in today to watch our boys get shutout on two hits by a club that is definitely making a strong showing down the stretch in hopes of getting back to the postseason.

  Minnesota does everything our franchise has not been able to do with their stable coaching staff, homegrown players, strong farm system and a good ownership situation. Of course we saw this steady Midwest mindset get beat last year in the play-offs by the dazzling boys from New York City, so we shall see if they make it to the promised land this year.

 On the other hand here in Seattle about the only thing left to look forward to this year is following Felix Hernandez in his long-shot quest for the Cy Young award, and the arrival of the much-anticipated AAA guys in a few days.

  It looks as if I caught the best stretch of the Daren Brown era before I left for the Oregon Coast and now things are back to normal so to speak. Besides the tight AL and NL East many of the division races look to be firming-up with clear front-runners emerging. Nice to see the San Diego Padres holding on to their lead with a team based on great pitching, solid defense and timely hitting……hmmm sort of like we thought the Mariners were going to do in 2010.

   I noticed some of my regular readers have been coming by the page while I was gone looking for a few morsels of Jeffish analysis and commentary, only to be forced to read old stuff. Sorry about that but I needed a break and feel I  got a little perspective on my life, and this season, after getting away from the grind of this long campaign.

   One of my revelations while “On the Road” was that I need more sun and baseball this winter. So I am planning on making a trip to the Caribbean to watch some winter ball in Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic or possibly even Cuba. If anyone out there has some tips on this sort of adventure or even wants to go themselves, let me know.

   Think I may head down to the Safe this week and see how the Angels look in their new unfamiliar role of being out of the race in September. Enjoy the sun while you can!

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  1. lol that’s a good one Jeffish analysis….will try that on my clients soon…rofl….sometimes we all need a break hope yours was enjoyable….B

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