Something to Choo on

Excited Winter ball fans in Puerto Rico

Doug Fister pitched well early on in this one retiring 15 batters in a row before falling apart in the sixth inning as the race to see who will avoid losing 100 games between these two squads heads down the home stretch.

There is not much to say about this one that has any positive spin to it at all with the exception of the fact that former Indian-former Mariner-current Mariner Russell Branyan did hit his 21st homer tonight in front of 17,269 fans.

  This season, like the weather this summer never really got going in any consistent way, yet they are both almost over. I can honestly say that I’m not sure which was more disappointing, the lack of sun or the lack of a competitive team to follow this summer. Actually I won’t miss the 2010 Mariners much and I hope we never have to see another team like them, though I have lived here too long to know that we may be in for a long cold winter of rebuilding that may be as gloomy as the upcoming 7 months of rain.

  I have decided to attend the game Saturday night and am going with an old friend from Vashon High who like myself is a die-hard fan and ex-jock. The USSM and Lookout Landing Blogs are sponsoring a get together before the game where we will actually get to listen to Jack Z. and ask a few questions. This should be interesting and I am looking forward to meeting some other Bloggers and hardcore fans though I imagine it will be a bit of a glum lot considering the way this year is going.

  On a positive note I have begun to think about ways to upgrade my blog for next season with a new theme and more pictures, videos and news from around the league. I’m also considering taking a trip to either Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic or possibly Venezuela to watch some winter ball this year and try to send back some posts including possibly video clips for you all. Anyone out there with info on the Winter ball leagues or possibly interested in going let me know after you Choo on it for awhile….

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