Mariners bats don’t work on Labor Day

Crew of vessel FV Tian YU being held for ransom

 The Oakland Athletics picked-up a game in the AL West race today with their 6-2 victory over the Seattle Mariners in front of 11,581 diehard A’s fans at the Oakland Coliseum. Jason Vargas picked-up the loss and now drops to 9-9 on the year against a scrappy Oakland team who are now only 7 games back in the West despite being a game under .500

  Today’s game was more of the same for the Mariners as the offense never really got on track outside of a home run by Franklin Gutierrez in the 7th. The A’s have built another low-budget team around pitching, defense and timely hitting and for them somehow it actually seems to work. Brett Anderson got the start today and went 7 2/3 innings picking-up the win to improve his record to 4-6 to go along with his 2.97 era.

  It is amazing to think that the A’s are still in the pennant race after the way Texas was playing for awhile, but sure enough the Rangers are doing their traditional fade-away act thus allowing the A’s to stay in the hunt. If you recall at the beginning of the year people were saying the AL West was wide open this year and that the Mariners had a good shot in 2010. Well they were right, except for the fact that our team never got things rolling.

Oh well enough of that already as today is Labor Day, a holiday to honor workers as well as the traditional end of summer. In honor of the working people and their Unions around the country  who have struggled for things like the 40 hour week, overtime, and safety on the job I have attached an electronic petition hoping you will sign it. As many of you know I have a background as a Merchant Mariner and I still work in that industry fighting to protect the rights of Mariners on Foreign Flag ships known as FOC’s as my day job.

  One of the big issues facing Seafarers and their families today is the problem of Piracy occurring off the coast of Somalia. Unfortunately Piracy is a real issue that effects modern-day Mariners like those pictured above, as their ships are held hostage for ransom money. Sadly the sailors and their families are often not mentioned, as the primary concern is often just the ship itself and the cargo.

  At any rate being that it is Labor Day and I am a former Merchant Mariner, and yes this is a Mariners blog I am wondering if you would be willing to sign the online petition I have attached a link for, as well as circulate the petition to your                                                                    

 This is a serious matter and we need to bring it to the attention of the UN and other government bodies to demand action on behalf of all the Mariners and their families that are adversely effected by this problem. Thankyou and Happy Labor Day….

2 Responses

  1. Did the Mariners play the Pirates today?

  2. Scott, Thanks for the clever comment! Hope you sign the petition lest ye be forced to walk the plank lad! aaarrrgh….Jeff

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