Lincoln and Armstrong squirming under the light of day

If you have not had a chance to read the Blog post put up by Geoff Baker at the Times here it is: Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln to employees:

Mariners Blog | Seattle Times Newspaper

  Somehow Baker got a copy of an internal memo put out by Howard Lincoln to the rest of the Mariners organization and in the spirit of investigative journalism Baker posted it last night.

  I can only imagine what sort of damage control Lincoln and Armstrong are trying to conjure up today in order to attempt to nullify the negative public relations hole they have dug for themselves. It is hard to imagine either of these two deciding to do the right thing and step down, but anything is possible I suppose.

  Of course the majority owner Hiroshi Yamauchi has the final say in these sort of matters, but I have a hunch that due to his age and distance every effort is being made to shield him from the truth about this dysfunctional organization as long as the checks keep rolling in.

  It is also apparent that the top brass in the front office are hoping things will blow-over here in Seattle and the criticism will get washed away with the coming 7 months of gloom and rain so that they can proceed as normal. While we in the NW are a tolerant and forgiving group of folks, once we set our mind to something we like to go all the way.

   The question is will the media, bloggers, or grassroots groups like:

#Mariners #FireNintendo Details – – Start Something!

  be able to organize the fan base into some sort of concerted action to bring about real change for the team that represents our corner of the country? One thing is for sure it will take more than articles or tweets to send a message to the owner that we the fans have had enough of lies, deception, gimmicks and meddling by the Lincoln/Armstrong cabal.

  As you know I have been writing about this issue in several different posts this year dating back to this post on  June 9th : Snell finished, Mariners reverting back to 80s farmclub? So here we are 3 months later and it appears that I am no longer a voice in the wilderness. The question is what are we the fans willing to do? Should we leaflet outside the game on Fan appreciation night? Hold rallies? Wear brown bags over our heads like they do in Pittsburgh periodically? Or just do nothing and hope things get better by themselves?

   Like the rest of you I love baseball and the Mariners which is why I write this blog. The ball is squarely in our court to either watch, look away, or take a big swing and  and hit the ball, perhaps allowing Grandma to really get out the Rye Bread and clean the bases of the Lincoln/Armstrong cabal once and for all. The future depends on us…

2 Responses

  1. Hey Jeff: I read your article the other day on the financial woes, but I believe that as long as the team is making $$$ they don’t really care whether they win or not…if they get enough in t.v. revenue, and sales from shirts, hats, and $8.00 beers etc, they don’t give a rats behind about the fans. There are just enough businessmen who use their tickets for a write off when clients come to town, and enough die hards to keep the ship afloat. why change if your making a buck? It is a sorry state of affairs…I agree with you…You will see more of the same next season, under the guise of improving the team…B

  2. Brian, Well nothing changes if nothing changes. Hopefully we can get some sort of fan-action on fan appreciation day to deliver a message to the top brass that enough is enough…Jeff

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