Will the last Mariners fan turn out the lights….


Jon Lester kept his hopes alive for a shot at the Cy Young award going 8 innings and allowing 1 run on 4 hits to a Mariners team that has forgotten how to score runs, or perhaps never really knew how. Tonight only 19,063 fans paid to get in, and it sounded as if half of them were Red Sox fans, mixed in with what is left of the Mariners faithful.

  Doug Fister as usual pitched an ok game at least until giving up a 2-run homer in the 8th. 2010 has proven to be a frustrating year for a pitcher who started the season on fire and is ending it with a string of mediocre outings. But as usual it was the lack of offense by the Mariners starting lineup that is the culprit in this loss.

   It is apparent now that we indeed may be headed for the dreaded 100-loss season which may be the best thing for this franchise. There comes a point with any dysfunctional person or organization where you just have to detach and allow the person or organization to fail. Done are the days of rationalizing, blaming, hoping, or scapegoating as the Mariners did today by firing Carmen Fusco director of scouting over the Josh Lueke fiasco.

  The fans are voting with their feet and wallets at this point as tonight’s feeble attendance, the lowest on record for a Red Sox game clearly shows.

 So what now? Outside of divine intervention or a concerted effort by the fans to demand change at the top of the food-chain, there is not much to do. I cannot imagine that the fans in Seattle are going to forget everything this offseason with a few flashy trades like last winter. Most will just try to forget about it and focus on football or their own lives rather than wasting anymore emotional energy on this team.

 Many of you are too young to remember the Boeing-bust in the early 70’s which was a time of high unemployment in much the same way as now but without the diversity in the local economy. I remember seeing a famous billboard at the time with ” Will the last person  leaving Seattle turn out the lights” written on it . Times have changed but the spirit of that sad billboard applies to the Mariners as the question again arises ” Will the last Mariners fan turn out the lights……”http://jeffsmariners.com

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