Message in a bottle… May Day May Day….

Hello Shipmates, I am writing this post from the vessel SS Queen Mary here in Long Beach which like the good ship Mariners, is marooned at the Dock with the bilge pumps running to keep her afloat.

  I got on the plane just as the game with Boston was starting in rainy Seattle, by the time I got to my stateroom the Mariners had sunk 5-1 for their 7th loss in a row. So rather than go into the whole tracking down information and stats routine, I decided to tune into the Tacoma Rainiers game on my laptop.

  Judging from how few fans showed-up for the Rainiers games last weekend at Safeco, I would venture to guess I am the only individual in the whole So. Calif. metropolis who was tuned into the calming voice of Mike Curto the voice of the Rainiers. I caught the last few innings and got to hear the recap of the 11-7 slugfest in Memphis that the Rainiers won. Our AAA guys hit 5 homers tonight and now lead this series 2-0, Sweet!

Speaking of homers, Todd Tulowitzki the shortstop for the surging Rockies hit a couple more today as the Rockies beat the Padres to pull within 2 1/2 of the lead in the NL West. Tulowitzki now has 11 home runs for the month of September alone. I haven’t checked but I would be surprised if the Mariners have 11 homers as a team for the whole month! Boy do we need to bring-up some of those sluggers from Tacoma as soon as they win their play-offs……

  One of the pitfalls of being a Mariners fan is I often spend the whole season focused on our club and miss all the great baseball going on around the country. I am trying to ween myself from the Mariners now as we head to the bitter end, and so following the Rainiers is part of my Mariners detox program.

   Lots of great races still going on in the majors as well and have narrowed down my bandwagon team to either the Padres/ Rockies or the Yankees, though I’d love to see Mike Sweeney get a clutch-hit in a World Series game to cap-off his career. So there you have it , a virtual post on the Mariners or a message in a bottle, take your pick!

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  1. Hey Jeff: I wrote notes on my scorecard twice during last nights game. In the 2nd inning when Kotchman got picked off third base, and in the 6th, when Figgy let that ball go through his legs….I wrote in my article, that there whole season could be summed up in those kind of plays….sounds like you are enjoying the Rainers…gotta be more exciting than watching the parent team….take care…B

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