Time to stop the Merry-go-round, re-sign Aardsma

 Well it has started already, the dreaded offseason projections and discussions from all the pundits on exactly how we should fix the 2011 Mariners, if only people would listen to the sideline know-it-all’s.

  The latest topic on the minds of the great baseball minds around town is David Aardsma and how he won’t be around next year because he is getting good enough to receive a few million more bucks next year through arbitration and thus we need to trade him and use someone unproven yet cheaper.

  I don’t know about the rest of you but I am getting so tired of watching this organization grooming players like Aardsma, Rafael Soriano, JJ Putz, Tino Martinez etc. then trading them for a new group of prospects so we can start the merry-go-round again. Look, David Aardsma had a good year last year, then started off with a rough first-half but seems to have found a nice groove. I mean holy cow if it is not broken why fix it?

   Unlike the Mariners, clubs like the Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies somehow manage to win by finding the right players, then giving them a position that is theirs to keep and then stop tinkering. Mariano Rivera will be the closer for the Yankees till he can’t do it anymore then that will be that. Ryan Howard will play first for the Phillies even if they could get 6 prospects for him and save 10 million a year because he is a great player, end of story.

  With the Mariners it always seems like our goal is to keep things in motion, always hoping to come up with some magic combination that never seems to develop. It reminds me of a group of LA Real Estate Agents trying to flip houses before the crash. We need stability on this ship. If that means paying market prices for quality players, then so be it. As a fan I am so tired of watching players we developed being shipped off to other teams, and then watching them bloom while we stratch our heads wondering why we suck.

   Look, I love the idea of Dan Cortes fitting into the bullpen somewhere with his 100 mph fastball. But Cortes has never even pitched a single game in the majors yet! Brandon League has great-stuff sometimes, but he is fine where is being used now. Let’s just pay Aardsma what he is worth and keep him so at least going into 2011 we have one less position to worry about filling. This Merrygoround used to make me dizzy, now it is making me sick to my stomach! http://jeffsmariners.com

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  1. I think middle relievers are much easier to find on the market than most positions. In fact, I believe Josh Lueke (regardless of what you may think of his character) is already better than Aardsma. It makes no sense to pay a middle reliever millions when there are 500K options available.

    For position players, I agree. It is worth keeping them around for more money. But for middle relievers, and even closers, there’s no reason to burn millions.

  2. Well I am not so much concerned with keeping Aardsma, as stabilizing the roster. Aardsma is a good closer, so pay the guy what he is worth. Yes there are a lot of cheap or young relievers out there, but you get what you pay for. So sick of the constant turn-around that has resulted in a franchise that is quickly becoming a remake of the 80’s Mariners. Jeff

  3. I totally agree with you. This franchise needs stability.

    • Nathan, I can accept that we are rebuilding, but In the case of Aardsma he is perhaps one piece that is stable so lets keep him. There are plenty of other question marks to be answered. Jeff

  4. You are an idiot. They aren’t trading him because he’s getting better. It’s about service time and salary increase. Aardsma is an average closer who is replacable with players who will make 1/10th of what he will. It’s not about stability to make oldies like you feel comfortable watching the same crappy players every year. It’s about replacing Production with lower salaries so you can upgrade in weaker areas you can’t address internally through the farm system.

    • I think that’s basically what I was trying to say, in so many words 🙂

      • Well, I get your guys point, though you seem to be missing mine about stability and the need to not always assume the cheapest way is the best for the long term. Perhaps bringing up the long list of examples where we let guys go right as they were hitting their peak in order to save money is not applicable in this case, but I am fully aware of the Money Ball concepts used by teams to try to circumvent the Collective Bargaining agreement. And yes if you are Oakland it seems to work. Seattle is a mid level profitable market and should be able to afford quality veterans.

    • Well, I guess I woke up a sleeping Lion. I am fully aware that by getting rid of Aardsma in a trade we can avoid arbitration. Look I agree may not be top of the line ,but he is not the problem. He was an example of the ongoing revolving door here in Seattle. Not into watching crappy players at all just tired of all the bad trades done to save money rather than build a winner. Welcome debate as long as it is civil…Jeff

  5. But that’s exactly what the Mariners did last off season: spend money to try and win. Sure it didn’t work out, but it’s hard to say they’re not spending money. Since absolutely nothing seemed to work out, the Ms are sort of stuck in a rut and strapped for cash. I don’t think playoffs next year should even really be the goal. If they can get another couple young pieces for Aardsma, and let Smoak, Ackley, Pineda, Vargas, Fister, Moore, Gutierrez and Saunders grow another year. They have a young core they could add some players to in 2012 or 2013. Saving money now is smart for the future in my opinion. Spending money now is a very myopic and costly strategy.

    • Well I will agree to disagree on Aardsma. I am accepting the fact that we are rebuilding and am ok with that. However just because players are young like Saunders does not mean they will ever be of big-leauge caliber,. We are in terrible shape any way you look at being hamstrung with salaries for Milton Bradley and Jack Wilson as well as money owed to players gone already. And of course Iciro and Felix who will actually earn their pay.One thing is for sure the team we see coming out of camp next year will look a lot different than the one we have now, and it will be hard to imagine it looking any worse…Jeff

  6. Yes, It has been a disaster….By the way UOduck I think I have asked you this before but are related to my cousin John McGrath? Or just a random guy in Oregon who found my Blog? Jeff

    • I’m pretty sure I’m not related. I just found your blog a while back…

      • Ok Got it, Thanks for the insights and lively debate! As you may have noticed I’m kind of letting it rip lately on here, and shoot from the hip. Frankly I was dissapointed with Aardsma in the first half till he finally started mixing up his pitches. I like the idea of Dan Cortes as a closer but he is still unproven, Anyway I’m shifting my attention to the pennant races and can’t wait till this miserable season is over….

      • I know he has a lot of baggage, but I feel like Josh Lueke could be a great closer with those huge strikeout rates. He’s already struck out something like 32 batter in 24 innings between W. Tennessee and Tacoma…

  7. Well I’m not going to speculate on the Josh Lueke situation one way or the other except to say that the whole thing was not handled well by the GM and front office. He has talent but only time will what his fate will be.

    • Yeah. I just noticed he wasn’t called up to the 40-man roster at the end of the PCL playoffs. Could be an indication that he’s not in the future plans.

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