Mariners lose 99th game 9-0 on Fan Humiliation night

I'm Tired of Losing

The Mariners lost 9-0 tonight for their 99th loss of the season on Fan Appreciation night in front of 19,656 joyless fans including myself pictured at left to ashamed to show my face.

The infield had a big “Thankyou” written in the infield when in reality it should have said “Sorry”. One bright spot for the evening was I got to meet some of the young fans from Firenintendo and we passed out leaflets and brown bags to the fans as they came in. We were well received and got the attention of the Mariners security team if nothing else!

This season is almost over and the cold reality of trying to make do next year with a bunch of AAA guys who try hard but with rare exception, just don’t have Big League stuff. Justin Smoak is a keeper, but most of the rest including Luke French who got bombed for 7 runs in the first two innings are marginal.

It was a sad night at the Safe, for the fans and I am sure the players as well. Howard Lincoln and Chuck Armstrong were probably off in their cozy mansions sipping cognac tonight, as we the fans were given a bitter reminder of the costly errors these two have made to lead us to where we are today.

  The vast majority of the fans I talked to were supportive of the notion that something has to change either at the ownership level or the top front office jobs. But mostly they were apathetic and resigned to another long winter with only the faintest glimmer of hope for the future.

  But I will say that we do have great, loyal and friendly fans in typical Northwest style. I am glad I root for my home team year after year and that I don’t live in Oakland or Cleveland, but like all of you I just wish our team could be a reflection of the great spirit of our region instead of an embarrassment.

   It is going to take a few years to rebuild which is fine, but most of all we need leadership and vision from the top lest we continue this sort of protracted misery. The fans are the ones who have the power to send a message to the big boys, and tonight we did our part with a small contingent of hardy lads stepping-up and having their voices heard. The next move is yours…….

6 Responses

  1. I am in direct contact with fire nintendo on twitter (@Nathanparsons98) and was asked to participate in the “protest”. I declined. I did so because I don’t believe fans should bash their teams in ways that communicate to the national audience that we are bad fans and hate our team. I’m okay with a blog post complaining about the team but not going out and spending money just to publicly mock the team. I’m not saying you aren’t a real fan (I would be stupid to say you aren’t) but don’t agree with this idea.

  2. Nathan , No problem to each his own. I love this city and our Team, That is why we protested to save our team and pressure top Management to make some changes….Jeff

  3. The only power fans have is the power of your wallet. Only when contracts can’t be paid, bills can’t be paid, taxes can’t be collected, only then will the F.O. will take note. This means that as much as fans hunger for good or better baseball, that stopping paying for tickets(revenue) will be the ONLY message that will ring true in ownership-ville! Rise up and be courageous not to attend even when you are inticed with goodies to cart home.

    • Jerry, Thanks for the well written comment. I believe you have said it all.The only question is whether the fans are willing to withold financial support. I’m looking to see what the club does in the offseason, though I can’t imagine digging out of this hole for a few years no matter who they manage to sign…Jeff

  4. We enjoyed your picture with the blue sack. I hope the M’s management gets to see it and does something about it so you can get back to wearing M hats again. Wish you would blog the Yankees throughout the playoffs.

  5. John, I’m glad it is over and am looking forward to the postseason. The Yankees may have one more championship that they can grind out with the old-gaurd but it is going to be tougher this year.Will be posting some in postseason but need to put this season to bed first….Jeff

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