Postseason starts off with a Bang!

   The postseason got underway today in a big way for  Phillies Ace Roy Halladay as he pitched the first nohitter in the postseason since Don Larsen’s perfect game in 1956. Halladay who spent most of his career languishing with Toronto had never pitched in the postseason until today and the wait may have been worth it as he shutdown the Reds powerful offense allowing only a single walk to lead the Phillies to a 4-0 win. Halladay is a classy guy and I am happy for him and hope that Mike Sweeney gave him a big hug tonight!

   Meanwhile in Tampa Bay, former Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee led the Rangers to a 5-1 win over the Rays at Tropicana field. Lee pitched his way out of a bases loaded jam in the first, then did what he did here in Seattle ie: pounding the strike zone in a relentless barrage that yielded 10 k’s for Lee who now goes to 5-0 in his 6 postseason starts.

  I did manage to watch the third game of the day live from Target Field home of the tough-luck Minnesota Twins who fell 6-4 to the reigning world champs the New York Yankees. This was the 7th loss in a row for the Twins to the Yankees in postseason play, and just like the previous six games, the Twins lead the game at one point. The Twins had a 3-run lead until the Yankees exploded for 4 runs in the 6th inning and you could really feel the wind get knocked out of the sails of the loyal Twins fans in their beautiful new stadium as the Yankees curse continued. The Twins did manage to tie the game at 4-4 in the bottom of the sixth when CC Sabathia walked in a run. But the Yankees are relentless and Mark Texiera hit a hanging slider out of the park on a moonball that just barely stayed fair to make the game 6-4.

   It seems like the Yankees are never out of any game and in fact they seem to relish this sort of comeback that stuns the opposition, especially the Twins who you can’t help but root for even though in the back of your mind you know the Yankees are going to win.

   The Giants and Braves will meet for the first of their best of five series tomorrow and if today is any indication of what we have in store for the postseason, it looks like we are going to have enough good baseball to forget all about our sad 2010 Mariners season. Stay tuned…..

2 Responses

  1. Although I want nothing more than a Yankee-less post season, I couldn’t help but feel for them when that 3rd out was ruled a trapped ball in the outfield. Sooner or later the lack of instant replay will cost someone their season or maybe the world series…And who knows how the Rays-Rangers game would have played out had the umpire not heard a phantom foul ball sound from Carlos Pena’s bat in the first inning with the bases juiced.

    Great great stuff from Doc Halladay, I recorded the last few batters on DVR and will re-watch that highlight anytime I need some baseball-induced adrenaline.

    After further review, the ruling on the field is confirmed, Bud Selig is an idiot.

    • Scott,Glad to see you are tuned into the postseason. Can’y count the Twins out yet, but if that series gets back to Yankee Stadium and the Yankees are up 2 its all over. Gotta love those Phillies and the Doc! Texas has some power to. It should be interesting all the way,Jeff

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