Rangers win game three 4-2, not time to worry yet…

  So as not to come across as a poor sport I need to say that the Rangers deserved to win this game thanks mostly due to the great  job done by Texas starter Colby Lewis who pitched 7 2/3 innings giving up two runs.

    The Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez once again was not sharp and he made a couple of bad pitches to Mitch Moreland and Josh Hamilton that flew out of the park to the delight of the loud Texas fans who until tonight have been starved of their favorite down home cooking ie; the Home run.

   Cody Ross did manage to blast his 5th homer of the postseason tonight, but unfortunately his shot as well as the homer hit by Andres Torres  in the 8th both came with nobody on base. Meanwhile Pat “Stone Face ” Burrell went down on strikes four times tonight and I expect Bruce Bochy who isn’t afraid to bench a struggling player, to sit Burrell tomorrow night.

    So now the Giants hold a 2-1 advantage in an unfriendly environment and need to make sure no matter what they win one game in Texas either tomorrow or Monday. If somehow the Rangers win the next two games the Giants could be in for a long winter.

   Very different vibe coming from the fans in Texas who of course were loud but not anywhere as colorful as the Giants fans with their signs etc. Though they did try as evidenced by the one sign that said : ” Shear the Beard” which I thought was quite clever. I even saw some guy dressed up as former President George W. Bush sitting next to Nolan Ryan, imagine that …….

  The Giants will be sending 21-year-old lefty Madison Bumgarner to the mound to face Tommy Hunter for the Rangers, while Madison may not have as good of a baseball name as Buster Posey,  he looked to have great stuff when I saw his last start in game four of the NLCS down in San Francisco. 

Meanwhile there has been a lot of pressure on Ron Washington to use Cliff Lee on three days rest, but with tonight’s win it will make more sense to go with Tommy Hunter and let Lee rest up from his rough outing in game one.

  It suddenly occurred to me tonight after Hamilton hit his solo shot, that indeed this whole 2010 Baseball season will be coming to an end within a week. The postseason and especially the giants have inspired me to write way past the end of the regular season but I am not sure if I will be able to muster the inspiration to write every day about the dreary Mariners rebuilding mess. So I will probably make a post here and there then write about politics, romance, spirituality, the sea, etc during the offseason just to keep the flow going. Hopefully the next few games will produce another miracle or two for the Giants and I can end this season on an upbeat note. But you never know with this crazy game as the Baseball Gods are capable of handing a Trick or a Treat to us fans at any time…..http://jeffsmariners.com

2 Responses

  1. The only thing that would make me nervous is that Texas got most of its offense from an unlikely source — Moreland — and you have to figure that the big bats will awaken at some point. Burrell is such a feast and famin player so I agree with you that he should be benched. At least move him down in the lineup.

    I was surprised at how affective Feliz was after such a long layoff. I know this is baseball in the modern age but you would think you’d want Lee pitching on Sunday so that he could be used in a possible game 7.

  2. Hi Keith, Thanks for stopping by and for your comment. Yes you are right the Rangers big bats have been relatively quiet thus far and the Giants need to win in Sunday before they wake-up and Lee is back, The Giants did not give up tonight and with another Bochy tweak to the lineup ie Burrell out, they should be able to at least win one in Texas….Jeff

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