Hail the King! Felix Hernandez wins Cy Young award

Felix Hernandez 2010 Cy Young winner

Felix Hernandez brought some solace to a grieving Mariners Nation today by winning the 2010 Cy Young award. Hernandez received 21 of 28 first-place votes. Tampa Bay Ace David Price got four first-place votes and the other three went to CC Sabathia of the Yankees.

But this day belongs to Felix Hernandez as he wins his first Cy Young award after dominating AL hitters all year long, despite receiving paltry run support from the last-place Seattle Mariners.

There was some suspense leading-up to todays decision as Felix finished the 2010 campaign with a 13-12 record and historically writers have never given the coveted award to a pitcher with so few wins. But anyone who saw King Felix pitch this year could not deny that he was the best in the AL. Hernandez may have started out a little slow, but in the second-half of the season he was lights-out nearly every time he stepped onto the mound.

 Hernandez led the majors with a 2.27 ERA and topped the AL in innings as well as finishing second in strikeouts. The Mariners lost a 101 games this year but every fifth day Felix Hernandez gave the fans something to cheer about.

  Hernandez seemed to come-on even stronger after Cliff Lee left Seattle for Texas, as perhaps the King was uncomfortable being seen as second fiddle here in Seattle. Well there is no doubt now as to who the Ace in Seattle as well as the American League is.

 The crowning of King Felix as the Cy Young winner may help the Mariners fans begin to heal and find some hope for 2011 after the dismal 2010 season and the passing of the beloved broadcaster Dave Niehaus last week.

   Thanks for the great season Felix! And thanks to the sports writers for getting this one right….http://jeffsmariners.com

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