Time to let-go of the 2010 season and move on….

   Well the New Year is knocking at the door and with it comes the opportunity to allow ourselves to be hopeful about the future. Not only was 2010 a bummer for the Seattle Mariners and those of us who follow them, but it has been a tough year for many folks who are out of work in this bleak economy.

  But alas 2011 just might be better for our economy and for the Mariners as well. In both cases it appears that we may have hit rock bottom and there is nowhere to go but up. Granted a good season for the retailers over Christmas and the addition of Oliva and Jack Cust aren’t exactly reasons to jump for joy, yet like many of you I  am tired not only of being frugal, but also  have grown weary of  bemoaning the exploits of the 2010 Mariners.

   The first step in any sort of recovery comes when one admits that they are defeated, and there is no doubt that the entire Organization with rare exception blew-it in 2010. I would even go so far as to say that the mainstream press and the local blogosphere added to the whole wretched experience with all the hype and build-up this time last year which made the reality of 2010 even more painful.

   In some ways the 2010 season may have also helped us to put the magic 1995-2001 era into proper perspective and thus allow those of us left as fans to accept the reality of the fact that we are a team involved in re-building rather than a club that can just sign a few free agents every couple of years and then pretend we are contenders. No we are going to have to be grateful for the fact that we have a team here and be patient and realistic yet maintain hope.

   Now having said all of that I do know the baseball Gods sometimes can play tricks on us when we least suspect it, and maybe now that we have been humbled it is quite possible we may just get some pleasant surprises next year from a player or two that we would least expect it from.

   Anyway Happy New Year to all of you out there in Mariners Nation! Go M’s! Tugboat Jeff at http://jeffsmariners.com

2 Responses

  1. Hey Jeff: Happy New Year to you too…B

  2. Brian, Hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday! Jeff

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