Seahawks will beat Saints by 10 this Saturday

Go Hawks!

   Well I know this is a Baseball Blog but after last nights win by the Seahawks over the Rams I felt compelled to write something positive here, especially with all the negativity both locally and on the national scene due to the fact that the Hawks are in the playoffs despite finishing up at 7-9.

  As you may have guessed by now I’m an old veteran when it comes to Seattle sports and my best memories of the Hawks date back to the Dave Krieg/Steve Largent era. However I did come back into the fold in 2005 and not only attended the NFC Championship game here against Carolina, but also went to the Super Bowl in Detroit. It has taken me nearly this long to get over the way that game was stolen from us, but I’m breaking-out my Hawks gear and may even grab a ticket for the Saints game!

   While I’m sure most of the smarmy types in the local media and blogosphere will try to hedge their bets with all sorts of talk about not really expecting to win etc. I am picking the Hawks to win, and yes they have a chance. You see on any given Sunday any NFL team can get hot like the underdog SF Giants did in the Baseball playoffs last year, much to the chagrin of all the brilliant/arrogant pundits in the mainstream media.

   So I am going to pick the Seahawks by 10 over the New Orleans Saints this Saturday right here at QWEST Field baby! Yes you heard it right I think we are going to win as sort of pay-back for the Super Bowl that was stolen from us 5 years ago. Now since most of you don’t bother to comment I’m not to worried about making this prediction and facing an onslaught of negative energy, but I would like to hear what you think out there on this cold crisp night one way or the other. 

   By the way is Pete Carroll the coach you always wanted to have growing up or what! I love the guy, and also think the whole 12th man thing combined with either of our quarterbacks will be too much for the over-confident boys from down on the bayou….

12 Responses

  1. Not a chance! Sea hawks will lose by three touchdowns! You are delusional.

  2. I have to believe the Saints will win by at least 10… It’s hard to ignore the 16 games of the regular season.

  3. I agree. Hasselbeck will fly onto the field on a magical unicorn and rainbows will shoot from the endzone when this prolific team lights up the scoreboard. Also, expect to see plenty of wizards and gnomes celebrating with us on what is certain to be a mystical day!
    No negative energy here, boss. I’m drinking the same crazy juice you are.

  4. We got tickets Sunday night after the game. I was also at the 2005 NFC Championship game against the Panthers and there is nothing quite like a home playoff game at Qwest. I am approaching this game without any expectations. As with any sporting contest, there are plenty of points to be made for both teams: Saints thin at running back, cross country travel, short week, and/or underestimating our beloved and historical playoff team…12th Man, Qwest field, momentum, etc…I went with the things pointing toward an upset, the counterpoints for both teams are simple: the Saints are really good and the Seahawks have been really bad, at times.

    But oh the disparity in the NFL, especially this year. I do a survivor football pool each year and this year was by far the most difficult in picking winners week to week. We played the Panthers 5 years ago to go to the Super Bowl, the 2-14 Panthers (side note: guess which division their two wins were against).

    All we needed was to reach the playoffs and we’ll see how far we can go on house money. Anything can happen and it all depends on which of the 6 or 7 different jekyll and hyde versions of our team shows up. And one of those versions beat the Bears in Chicago earlier this season and the Bears are pretty good (#2 seed, first round bye).

    So I’ll be at the game gradually losing my voice, and I quit smoking New Year’s Eve so I’ll have more shouting power and endurance. Hopefully we’ll get the win, I can say I have more confidence than when this scenario started playing out a month ago. And, being the eternal optimist, let’s all root for the Packers to win a couple of games and see if we can’t get another home NFC Championship Game.

    Happy trails Hans.

  5. I agree you can’t overlook what happened during the regular season, like when the Saints lost to the Cardinals by 10 or to the Browns by 13. We beat the crap out of the Cardinals twice…don’t sleep on the transitive property.

    • Well there you have it , it looks like my readers are divided so far (though Scott voted 3 times). Still don’t have my ticket yet but confident I will run into the right scenerio as this great upset story unfolds right here in the Emerald City. Go Hawks!

    • Oh the transitive property is beautiful….when randomness plays no role 😉

      • Gotta Love the Poetic waxing going on here….By the way I am rooting for the Ducks against Auburn as they represent the NW….

  6. Go Ducks 😀

    They stole our chance at the national title in 2002, so I’m hoping for win to make up for it.

    And I’m hoping for lots of points!

  7. Hey dude!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!!!! I totally agree with u all the way. I’m not a fair weather fan so I’m still sticking with my hawks! I think it’s so kewl how u speak the truth! The hawks always surprise me so I agree that they have a strong chance!

  8. Well, I guess I was wrong the Hawks only won by 5! Any further comments from the non-believers out there? Go Hawks!

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