7(8)-9 Seahawks stun the world with 41-36 win!

Jeff celebrating the Hawks 41-36 win!

Sometimes you just have a feeling about a game before it starts no matter what anyone else says. Todays 41-36 victory over the favored Saints was one of those games, and thus I predicted a Seahawk win by 10 earlier in the week here on my blog.

As it turned-out we only won by 5, but it was the greatest Seahawks game I have ever watched, let alone attended, in my 35 years as a Seahawks fan.
  I grabbed a couple of tickets on Craigslist down in section 137 and was treated to a carnival-like atmosphere as our hometown boys battled the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints in a game that went along way to redeem the Super Bowl that was stolen from us 5 years  ago.
The whole 12th Man thing was magical today as we gave our hearts and lungs to a team that nobody in the mainstream media picked to win. As a matter of fact there were precious few in the local media who gave Pete Carroll and his team a chance today. But we believed in our guys and their manic head coach,and we were rewarded as the old cagey veteran Matt Hasselbeck  lead Seattle to one of the most stunning upsets in NFL playoff history today.
   Yes Drew Brees threw for 404 yards and had the National media (and perhaps a few of the refs) behind him today, but the Saints vodoo proved helpless as the Seahawks sent a clear message today: NOT IN OUR HOUSE. For once we had a balanced offense combining the great game by Hasselbeck with a running game lead by Marshawn Lynch who broke through for a 67 yard TD run in the fourth that turned Qwest field into a miniMardi Gras. I am not sure how many tackles Marshawn broke with that incredible run, maybe 7 or 8, as the kid showed enough desire and determination in that one run to save our city from our long drought of sports depression. I am still nearly speechless about this game as it has not all quite settled in yet but figured I should write something tonight while the  feeling of elation is still with me.
   You probably saw the game and may be able to read a better break-down of the play- by-play in many other reports. But after taking heat all week for predicting this upset online, you are not going to read another post from anyone who is savoring this sweet victory more than me.
   My friend Kevin T. who I went to the game with, along with myself  have been through a lot of adversity in our lives and at one point in the fourth quarter before Marshawn turned in the Lynch-pin run, we both kinda looked at each other as that familiar feeling of angst and pain began to set in. But I am here to tell you that at that moment two grown men (along with perhaps several others in attendance) looked into the clear blue sky and asked our Higher Power for his will to be done…….And Boom! It was, with a clear sign like a bolt of lightning as Marshawn made his mad dash into history!

    Who knows how  the rest of the playoff season will unfold, but for tonight I am grateful! Go Hawks!http://jeffsmariners.com

FYI CHECK OUT”THE RUN” by Marshawn Lynch taken from Youtube: “http://www.youtube.com/v/xU8WKVpGnaQ?fs=1&amp;hl=en_US&amp;rel=0″></param><param 

3 Responses

  1. I was also at the game with my wife, father-in-law and 7-year old brother-in-law. We were sitting way up Section 319, although very close to the 12th Man Flag being hoisted up by Walter Jones and all his greatness. Little Sam (brother-in-law) is a pee-wee league lineman who chose #71 as his number. It was his first Seahawks game, so I could see the stars aligning further as I had felt them aligning all week leading up to this game.

    I also predicted a win on this blog earlier this week, and I would say I am a very close second as far as savoring the sweetness. I, as I stood next to my father-in-law Ross, also had a sinking feeling in the 4th quarter as the momentum seemed to shift on a dime (and the dime belonged to the referee who did not call what looked like blatant pass interference even from the opposite corner of the stands in the nose bleed section). Then a field goal attempt turned into a punt by a delay of game penalty, clinging to a 4-point lead, and my heart began it’s gradual and unfortunately familiar downward motion.

    Then…THE LYNCH RUN! My football version of THE DOUBLE! Never before have I been consumed by that level of excitement and jubilation, which increased to a newly ridiculous level with each broken tackle, so much that by the time Lynch fell gracefully backward into the endzone, I had essentially lost control and my voice. Breathless screaming. The only other time one play transformed me into a showcase showdown winner on the Price is Right like that was THE DOUBLE, but I was a lot younger then and have had many years since to endure the pain and anguish of being a home team homer in this city.

    I was at the 2005 NFC Championship Game, which was the greatest sports experience of my life, until this game. The fact that we made the playoffs with both engines on fire and no landing strip in site, coupled with the national ridicule and the Seahawks being such a huge underdog, to me, made this victory and they way it was achieved that much sweeter…not unlike the 95 Mariners beating the Yankees.

    And for the rest of his, little Sam will have the memory of this game as his first game, which is probably the sweetest part of the whole story.

  2. Oh and one last point: The Seahawks were the only Division winner to survive the first round of the playoffs, so who really is the undeserving division winner?

  3. Scott, thanks for the post. Interesting note about division winners.Also interesting to note that all the visitors won except those who came into out house. Im glad to be alive and the old adage: Dont give up 5 minutes before the miracle has never been more true in my 52 years on this planet….jeff

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